Disturbing Imagery Of Declining Summer Snowpack In Colorado

They said this was going to happen, right after they saw it happening, right after they said it wasn’t going to happen.


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7 Responses to Disturbing Imagery Of Declining Summer Snowpack In Colorado

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    LOL 🙂 It’s crazy almost everywhere. The numbers from the snotel data are almost not to be believed. …


    It’s easy to see if how an ice age could develop if this keeps up. Still snowing in higher elevations in MT.

  2. Murray says:

    omnologos, thanks for that link
    http://omniclimate.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/a-new-treasure-trove-of-1970s-global-cooling-articles/ Global cooling meme (consensus?) through 1970s, (25+ years after cooling started), fading to 1985, 10 years after warming started. Subsequently we started the global warming meme, with growing consensus at least through the early 2000s, with clear skeptical growth starting about 2003 and becoming significant by 2010, about 13 years after warming stopped. It may take another 7 or 8 years to get back to a global cooling consensus. Maybe by then we will get to a variable climate consensus?

  3. Eric Barnes says:

    Thanks Maurizio. Do you have a link to the paper or some original material? I’m having a hard time finding it?

    • omnologos says:

      (it’s Maurizio here…under the wordpress cloak)

      Eric – those dates come from interviews and mentions published in an Italian national newspaper in the 1970s. It is highly unlikely that the journalists at the time would make up quotes, or invent English words.

      For example regarding Shackleton, at this link Nigel Calder talks about him and snowblitz for a TV documentary of 1974.

  4. Theo Goodwin says:

    They retrodicted for it right after they predicted against it.

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