March Of The Giraffes In Greenland

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8 Responses to March Of The Giraffes In Greenland

  1. omnologos says:

    still no crocs in Baffin Bay!!

  2. Sundance says:

    Slightly OT –
    Steve you just have to read what professor Mandia’s (Mandia is a member of the rabid response team) students are learnig in his class. He is having his students use John Cook’s web site as their primary scource for papers debunking skeptics.

    I wonder what students views would be on government if they were only allowed to use the “little red book” as their only referrence source?

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    Are the giraffes tall enough to survive the huge sea level rise that is now taking place?

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Very unfortunate news for America, but not unexpected:

    In a new video message released on the internet Friday, American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on Muslims living in America to carry out deadly one-man terrorist acts using fully automatic weapons purchased at gun shows, and to target major institutions and public figures.

    When these videos are released there has always been real follow up from what is said in them. So America better brace itself. Al Qaeda will end up with the Western world seeking it out to destroy it and won’t quit until it feels safe again.

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      Also, this is the consequence of America being soft on terrorists that they have captured:

      “What are you waiting for?” asks Gadahn in English, and then adds that jihadis shouldn’t worry about getting caught, since so many have been released. “Over these past few years, I’ve seen the release of many, many Mujahideen whom I had never even dreamed would regain their freedom.”

    • You can’t purchase fully automatic weapons without a federal license.

  5. A K Haart says:

    Those giraffes are growing bigger and bigger – correlating very well with the rise in CO2. We need a super-alarming graph – quick.

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