Weather Solutions Takes Over Met Office Role

Weather Solutions became the official court jesters when they made this forecast in March.

The UK has turned cold.

Seasonal outlook – June 03, 2011
A weak summer
Not looking great
Issued: Wednesday 1st June 2011
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

and is surrounded by cold water.



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17 Responses to Weather Solutions Takes Over Met Office Role

  1. omnologos says:

    It will be cold, apart from when it will be warm.

  2. Dave N says:

    Positive Weather Solutions have taken over the role of being wrong.

  3. Sparks says:

    The so-called “brolly and sunblock summer” can not be more wrong as a headline depicting that thunderstorms are on the way, Going out in a thunderstorm with an umbrella is not the brightest thing to be doing but if you do, make sure to grease your self up well with sunblock that way when you are out and about in a thunderstorm holding a lighten rod at least you will be protected from the suns rays, right up to the point where you see a Large Flash.

    And they didn’t actually believe that a rise in atmospheric Co2 would cause the UK to have a barbecue summer did they?
    Well… Yes! They Really did! …D’oh!!

  4. bill gannon says:

    Question? How come the SST you use has different colors than the SST from WUWT? They both come from unisys.

  5. John Silver says:

    In Northern Europe you can only predict the weather for 48 hours, any more and you are lying.
    What say you, Piers?

  6. Nobama says:

    Yah, but there’s a hot spot over in ….uh…..Greenland? Well, ok, … somewhere there’s a warm spot. And that spot is BOILING the planet!!

  7. Sparks says:

    I wonder if “AGW lighten strikes are worse than pre-AGW lighten strikes.

  8. Billy Liar says:

    Why can’t anyone spell ‘lightning’.

    Lightening only strikes when you’ve been on a diet.

    • You’ve never lived in Texas. It’s LAHTnin.

    • Sparks says:

      Thank you for enlightening us of our spelling issues today, it was a strikingly obvious mistake made by the head official over in the department of spell checking who stubbornly refuses to open up for business any earlier on a Sunday afternoon. Your complaint has been duly noted and it was promptly filed under some kindling along with a lit match.

  9. Sundance says:

    This is why more people need to hear more open debate on climate cost/benefit before a carbon tax is enacted.

    “One compelling argument was the observation that to introduce a carbon tax of $25/tonne of carbon dioxide would cost around $100 billion by 2020, for a notional benefit of 0.0002O C (two ten thousandths of a degree) of warming averted.”

  10. Justa Joe says:

    What is “worse” weather? I presume by worse that she meant a tad hotter?

  11. roger says:

    The Met Office, through the BBC has been crowing the warmest spring temperatures UK wide Evah!
    Here in southern Scotland that seems a cruel joke as I and my neighbours watch our central heating kick in every night and survey the severely wind burnt plants and trees in our gardens.
    My daughter in Gloucestershire and my brother in Bristol report similar, although not so extreme conditions, and yet the CET seems grossly at odds with their perceptions.
    AGW may now be the science that dare not speak it’s name, but the falsification of records seeking to perpetuate the myth appears to continue unabated.

  12. MostlyHarmless says:

    The Observer (Sunday Grauniad) has the answer –

    Nevertheless, there is no doubt the spring we have just experienced has been an intensely hot, dry one. Nor is it without precedent. Meteorologists have noted that there have been several springs like it in recent years. The question is: why?

    “intensely hot”? It was a pleasantly dry, mild March with some welcome sunshine, a dry but mixed April and a very mixed but generally dry May, wetter towards the end. That was in the south-east of England – not so elsewhere; the North was wet and cool, Scotland more so, and Wales a mixed bag, mostly dryer and cooler than normal.

    The following day, the Grauniad had a brainstorm and printed something which looks remarkably like the truth (at least for May) –

    While the south-east of the UK had an arid May, the north and west were very wet.

    The Observer article makes good reading if you’re a died-in the-wool (not a typo) alarmist. I read it as cause and effect reversed. However, the stock (luvverly warm = intensely hot) photo at the top has an interesting caption – “Britain could be heading for a hot summer like the one it experienced in 2009”. Ahem – I was THERE and it weren’t. Met Office (Motto – “Seven degrees of freedom, all of them going UP”) fans might just remember 2009 as the “Barbecue Summer” which wasn’t, unless barbie-fans sited their barbies indoors.

    Now is the winter of our discontent,
    Made barbecue summer by this son of a skewed model.

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