Natural Tar Rocks On The Beach In Santa Barbara, California

There are a dozen offshore oil platforms visible from Santa Barbara now.

This is what Santa Barbara looked like in 1969.



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17 Responses to Natural Tar Rocks On The Beach In Santa Barbara, California

  1. NikFromNYC says:

    Stewart Little scaled my shower drain.
    Pierced heavy tinfoil milk bottle cap,
    did not contain,
    past supper.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I always enjoyed driving the coast from San Francisco to San Diego. In 2005 I spent a week exploring the coast North on San Francisco through Oregon. It is supposed to be a well known fact about the oil seeps along that part of the coast that would be worse today with out all the oil wells in the channel.

  3. Sleepalot says:

    I don’t get it. What’s your point, Steve?

    • Mike Davis says:

      Natural energy sources are being wasted due to environmental regulations in California. If the oil was extracted from the source there would be less wasted due to natural seeps that leave Tar rocks on the beach!

    • California has lots of oil, and in 1969 humans made a huge mess of the place.

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    You see how Nature is such a polluter! Oh wait….

  5. A K Haart says:

    “Natural Tar Rocks” – well Canadians would certainly agree with that.

  6. Mike Mangan says:

    “The Washington Post thinks it’s “harassment” to request Michael Mann’s files from the University of Virginia (their Memorial Day editorial but it’s cool with requesting and obtaining and asking for citizen-journalists to go through 24,000 of the State of Alaska’s emails involving Sarah Palin.”

    -jeannebodine, commenter at Legal Insurrection

  7. Latitude says:

    I’ll have to try and find it again…..
    I remember reading that Monterey Bay leaks something in the billions of gallons of oil, and how much environmental damage that does……
    and if they would allow it to be pumped out, it would stop the leaking and damage

    • Laurie Bowen says:

      Bingo . . . I agree . . . .They also have alot of Natural Gas “leaks” that could be put to good use . . . . Just like the lesson of all the wild fires going on right now . . . had “they” (we) used the fuel by managing our (their) timber . . . there would be less to burn “out of control”. . .!!!

  8. suyts says:

    We should see more of stuff like this. The perception being that oil drilling invariably will lead to ecological harm as opposed to benefit. It doesn’t, and it certainly doesn’t when it happens in the U.S.

    The Alaskan pipeline is another great example. We literally have treasure in ANWR that we are blocked from retrieving because of the alleged harm that may be done, but all we have to do is look at the current pipeline and see no such harm took place. The polar bears don’t care about a big pipe running through the state. The moose don’t care either.

  9. Sleepalot says:

    Can we all play non-sequiturs? Here’s my attempt… (google images, safe-search: moderate)
    Beach beauty
    Crap on the beach

  10. Tom Bakewell says:

    There are a couple of seeps right along the beach somewhere there. Interesting to listen to folks complaining about the mess drilling has/would make and their inability to comprehend a natural seep.

  11. Jim Cole says:

    I was an undergrad at UC Santa Barbara in the late 60s (great school, great beaches, great lifestyle; wish I’d bought land!)

    Everybody (I mean EVERYBODY) had a tin of lighter fluid or gasoline on the front porch to remove the tar that stuck to your feet on the beach.

    As a geology student, I knew that Sir Francis Drake had used the tar seeps nearby to re-caulk his boats

    The leak from the offshore platform was no big deal for Santa Barbara (same as always), but it was certainly propagandized as a major environmentalist battle front.

    Same with Rachel Carson and the DDT thing. This was the beginning of evangelistic environmentalism, and the whole Global Warming Scam is just a current incarnation of the same fact-free belief system.

    people BAD, people BAD, people BAD.

    It’s gotta suck to be an environmentalist and wake up every morning with the bogus belief that everything is going to Hell.

    Facts, however, point elsewhere [yeah!]

    • suyts says:

      Jim they are misanthropists, as you stated. It must suck worse to know that they are people, too. Yeh, I’m sure most believe they are superior in some deluded way, but they’re still people……its a bizarre form of autophobia or self-loathing. It must totally suck to know they can’t and won’t do without what other people have and it is their weakness that drives such self-loathing. I know of a few skeptics that live off the grid. I know how, but don’t. I know many people that can be self-reliant…..quite a few who are, but they ain’t driving Prius’.

      • Mike Davis says:

        I found a valley where I can live a self sustaining life if need be and neighbors who grew up in that life style. I am not even qualified to be a sceptic!

      • suyts says:

        Lots of places to be found that one can. Guaranteed, in those conditions, warmer is better. Valley’s are good, because there is usually a water source in a valley. Food and arable land accompany. Wood typically follows the water. Everything that one needs. That said, I don’t hunt anymore because I’m not that hungry. Be it squirrel, coon, or deer, I’m just not that hungry to skin them anymore. I’ll still fillet a fish from time to time, but it has to be a good one, accompanied by another good one…..else the get sent back to become good ones!

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