LA/Santa Barbara Was Wonderful

We had a great time, except for one thing – the traffic. Cars are the bane of our society’s existence. We wasted an unbelievable amount of time traveling 10MPH or less during the week.

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13 Responses to LA/Santa Barbara Was Wonderful

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    There is no perfect solution. Cars do a lot of good, yet they are also a curse as you found out. That is why I like a midling size city. If I need to run out and get a prescription filled (that I forgot), I can do it in 1/2 hour. Instead of 2 hours or more.

    LA is not the place of cars – or bikes!

  2. slp says:

    While I disagree on the merits of automobiles, I found the traffic in California to be horrible. I blame poor traffic planning not the cars.

  3. omnologos says:

    hello? hello? is this Grist?

  4. D. King says:

    Timing is everything in L.A. Before 6AM, a window at 10:30-11:00AM, another at 1:30-2:00 P.M., and after 6:30P.M. But yeah, traffic sucks!

    • PhilJourdan says:

      That was true 30 years ago when I ventured out there on Business (I have been back since, but only to get from south to north of LA or vice versa). I guess somethings do not change! 😉

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    It isn’t that cars are so bad, it’s lack of roadway. It would be really nice if there could be separate (safe) travelways for bikes and other alternate transportation. (assuming we could afford it)

    That said, CA is horribly congested. I thought it was bad when I lived there, but returned for a visit recently and it was beyond nightmarish.

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    The way people drive is a wonderful reflection of how different states have different collective psychologies. Where there are huge mountains, other than on statist California’s flat highways, drivers tend to be more mellow instead of combative, since right before them are examples of majesty that puts life into the proper perspective.

    The same thing occurs in NYC due to the massive architecture and bright lights. In Middle America, however, my original regretful state of MN is a classic example of uptight drivers f’ing each other up, every damned day. That is your life, there. An hour to work (or school) and an hour back. No grand architecture. No mountains. Few conservatives who smile a lot. Behind you is a cocaine fueled yuppie in his BMW, tailgating three feet behind you, flashing his lights for you to get out of his pontifical way. In front of you is a vigilante grandma, driving 55.0 MPH in the fast lane. Every day. Every day. Every day.

    I did something different. I drove 85 MPH, through them, technically. It was the only time my ADD brain was calm: treating 60MPH drivers as orange cones on a race track. Later my Landcruiser only went 80MPH but its ability to jump the curb to pass people came in very handy. Due to good vision awareness of cop cars I was not once ticketed for reckless driving (which is what it irresponsibly was). Just a ticket for doing a U-turn on a bridge in a two seat Fiat X1/9 that I nabbed for two thousand bucks. It had a factory included hole in the firewall behind the seats to manually advance or retreat the four wire distributor cap timing!

    Taking a cab to La Guardia airport reminds me of how I used to drive though. The hustle and bustle of it now makes me dizzy.

    But if you drive right, it’s just like flying!

    • Latitude says:

      …but none of that explains Miami drivers, all the locals, no matter what age, are doing 90

      The fun one we have in the Keys is the bridges. You top a bridge and some stupid tourist is stopped, right over the top, Just so you can’t see them until you’re on them, to get a picture of WATER!

  7. Mike Davis says:

    Having moved from a large city to a smaller city and rural living I noticed that while in each there is a lot of hand waving, in the country all five fingers are used to express the sentiment. I later learned that waving is to let the other person know you are the friendly sort so they will not shoot you in the back after they pass.)

  8. As a cyclist (okay, I only do my grocery shopping, commuting, & everything social by bicycle, but I still consider myself one) it’s pretty tough to get along with cars. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a good way to get car drivers to kill each other. And then I remember, they do. But I would still ban airbags & seatbelts. Those things keep a lot of truly idiotic drivers alive.

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