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Ice Sheet Melt Down The Rabbit Hole

Our top scientists tell us that Greenland and Antarctica are melting at unprecedented rates, as well as continental glaciers. They also tell us that 2010 was the hottest year ever. Meanwhile, raw Envisat and Jason 2 data both show sea … Continue reading

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Why Couldn’t Sarah Be A Good Governor Like Bill Clinton?


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Hansen : “We knew that carbon dioxide determined the climate on Mars and Venus”

Earth to Jim, both planets have 95% CO2. Venus is hot, Mars is cold. Page xv http://books.google.com/books Hansen imagines himself to be a savior.

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Ten Years Of Increasing Water Supply In The West

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/ Over the last ten years, water flowing into Lake Powell during peak melt season has massively increased. This is an excellent proxy indicating increasing mountain snowpack.  

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Why Couldn’t Sarah Be A Good Governor, Like Arnie?

The response was predictable. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s friends were shocked, bewildered and disgusted. “He betrayed the people who supported him from day one,” said Sacramento’s Ted Costa, who helped launch the recall of Gov. Gray Davis in 2003. If you went … Continue reading

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Greenland Farmers Out In The Fields

http://www.wunderground.com/webcams/alfis/1/show.html With Global Warming, Greenland has been struggling with keeping illegal farm workers from Iceland swimming over.

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Puffington Host : “Top researchers now agree”

We are approaching 7,000 days since a category 5 hurricane hit the US. Global Warming To Bring Stronger Hurricanes, Scientists Predict WASHINGTON — Top researchers now agree that the world is likely to get stronger but fewer hurricanes in the … Continue reading

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Spectacular 2011 Propaganda Wave Failing To Achieve Results


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Hunting Grizzly With A .22

You don’t exactly have to be Grizzly Adams to know that if you go out to shoot an Alaskan bear, there is one rule that rises above all others. Whatever you do, just don’t wound the bear. Kill it, miss … Continue reading

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Update On Hansen”s “strong El Niño start­ing this summ­er”

Hansen, March 31 Based on sub­sur­face ocean tem­pera­tures, the way these have pro­gres­sed the past sever­al months, and com­parisons with de­velop­ment of prior El Niños, we be­lieve that the sys­tem is mov­ing toward a strong El Niño start­ing this summ­er. … Continue reading

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