Sea Level Outside Hansen’s Office

Sea level rise rates in Manhattan (red lines) have been constant since CO2 was 290 ppm. It will take well over a thousand years for the West Side Highway to drown.

Facts are not important though. Hansen imagines ice sheets “collapsing” (whatever that means) and his imagination trumps reality.


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4 Responses to Sea Level Outside Hansen’s Office

  1. “Collapsing” means that “Then, even without melting, the sheets may slide into the sea and raise sea level catastrophically” according to unScientific American.

    Presumably, these ice-sheets will defy gravity and slide ever faster, up hill and down dale for many hundreds of miles before they slip silently into the steaming cauldrons of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans.

    Some say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I say that alarmism is the lowest form of discourse. I also say that sarcasm is a rapier, sharpest when it’s based on an appeal to reason.

    • The Antarctic ice sheet is thousands of miles wide and two miles thick, Scaled down, it is as thin and flat as a sheet of paper. It can’t collapse.

      • Mike Davis says:

        They said that about some bridges that no longer exist! With new science and proper Al-Gore-Rhythms any future condition is possible to predict. Logic has nothing to do with Climatology.

    • sunsettommy says:

      I remember that article.

      I found a counter to it by actual scientists who have the training to know factually why the article is crap.

      But I lost the link to their criticisms.

      By the way.Good to see you here.

      You can add the link to your blog in your signature box,in my forum.

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