Vermont Governor Clueless

People should study history – before talking about it.

Thursday June 16, 2011
“I remain baffled as to how anyone — Democrat, Republican, Progressive — can look at the evidence that’s before our eyes, look at the scientific data and not have [climate change] be the top priority of everything that we do, not only in government, but in our own personal and private lives.” — Governor Peter Shumlin, 2006

Two weeks ago I awoke to my daughter telling me that school was cancelled because of flooding. I was awakened many times during the night by the storm, but the flooding and destruction it caused took me, and all Vermonters, by surprise. As we toured the damage, people stopped to ask me whether the heavy rain and floods we experienced this spring are from global climate change. Of course, it is hard to know for sure, but climate scientists have been predicting for years that climate change will result in droughts, floods and other extreme weather events. Indeed, over the past 10 years Vermont has experience eight of the most extreme one-day precipitation events in our recorded history.

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3 Responses to Vermont Governor Clueless

  1. Jim Cole says:

    These days, there’s scant difference between complete clowns and earnest politicians.

    It’s all about sounding important/amusing/interesting while doing little or nothing of substance

    Bringing the daughter into the narrative is total schmaltz/maudlin/borderline creepy.

    How’s this for an alternate: “Yesterday, I drove the Prius to the gas station for one of its infrequest fillings. My daughter was in the passenger seat, and she asked me ‘Daddy, why is the price of gasoline so high?’.

    “I thought long and hard and then said ‘Well honey, that’s what happens when you let government interfere in the free market'”

  2. Lance says:

    couldn’t have happened. look at the date, 1927. People had not started to walk upright yet, so there is no way that 1927 happened.

    ok, sarc off..

  3. Andy WeissDC says:

    1927 was a figment of the imagination. Babe Ruth was a figment of the imagination. Jack Dempsey was a figment of the imagination. Bobby Jones never existed, nor did Red Grange.

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