1911 : Drought In England


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  1. We’re having a terrible drought right now. It was predicted back in March “BBQ summer ahead! (and don’t worry, this time it’s NOT the Met Office forecasting it)” said the Daily Mail – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1259685/UK-hottest-summer-predicts-Positive-Weather-Solutions.html

    “June, July and August are on course to beat those of 1976, the hottest summer yet when temperatures exceeded 89.6f (32c) for 15 days from late June to early July” burbled the Mail.

    As I said, that drought and those “1976” temperatures are here – this is the wettest and coolest June I can remember for decades. We’ve had rain almost every other day so far, and early one morning last week I was tempted to put the heating on. So much for the forecasts, which of course (reading between the lines) were based on a continuation of the very dry and warmer-than-usual spring, which the Grauniad called “extremely hot” in their usual understated manner. If I donned my oilskins and ventured outside to wipe the rain off my window, I might me able to peer through it to see the houses in the valley opposite, through the murk.

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