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Obama Wants Gadaffi On Trial For Bombing Civilians


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Seven Weeks And Counting

How am I supposed to survive a summer with only US “Major League Soccer?”  ZZZZzzzz…….

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Vostok Ice Cores Show Zero Climate Sensitivity

Vostok ice core data http://blogs.edf.org/climate411/2007/06/29/human_cause-3/ Over the last sixty years, atmospheric CO2 has risen almost 50% higher than at any other time during the last 400,000 years. However, temperatures at Vostok during that time have been flat to down. The … Continue reading

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Rick Perry : “Our opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s quit trying to curry favor with them!”

Please, no more McCains, Romneys, Gingrichs …… This country has compromised itself far too much already. http://realclearpolitics.com/

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My Arctic Ice Forecast

I am not going to make a prediction of September ice extent this year. It is a crap shoot, based on 15% ice concentration – which is highly dependent on the winds in August and early September. More meaningful measures … Continue reading

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University Of Alaska Forecasting The Latest Ice Breakup At Barrow On Record

http://seaice.alaska.edu/gi/observatories/barrow_breakup Further left means later.

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Satellite Sea Level Data Is Crap

The reason that some satellites show a rise in sea level is because of a “hot spot” north of Australia which skews their numbers way up. Tide gauge data from the region shows nothing of the sort. http://www.psmsl.org/data/obtaining/stations/1268.php

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Hiding The Decline In Sea Level

When warmists don’t like data, they simply throw it out – or hide it best they can. A great example is the Aviso “multi-mission” sea level graph, which purports to support the idea that sea level is rising almost 3 … Continue reading

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Where There’s No Smoke, There Is No Fire

One big global warming lie this week is that the “west is burning up.” In fact, quite the opposite is true. There have been very few fires this year, because most of the west (outside of Arizona) has been extremely … Continue reading

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The Boss, Big Man, Sting, And The River

I never saw this before.

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