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There Wasn’t Enough CO2 In The Air In 1927 To Produce Floods

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Record Sea Level Rise Rates?

http://www.aviso.oceanobs.com/ Supposedly sea level rise on the US East Coast is the fastest in 2,000 years. Jason-1 shows sea level falling along most of the US East Coast. It is also quite clear from this map that cherry-picking one location … Continue reading

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Hotting Up In Antarctica

http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/89606.html Last week was -104 degrees, but this week it is up to a blistering -87. Maybe they can move the NSF funded Jello wrestling to an outdoor venue?

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Manhattan Drowns!

Tony Duncan was correct.

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SUVs Caused Greenland Glaciers To Retreat In 1850


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Windmills Producing 1.2% Of The UK’s Electricity Today


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Unprecedented Late Ice Break-Up Forecast For Barrow


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