What Homer Knows About Glaciers

He knows that glaciers were retreating rapidly in the 18th century at 280 ppm, and he also knows that if we can get CO2 back below 350 ppm – the glaciers will stop retreating.


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3 Responses to What Homer Knows About Glaciers

  1. Latitude says:

    google this: glaciernationalparkbackgroundinfo.pdf

    Nice paper by the National Park Service on the history of glaciers in Glacier National Park, on how glaciers during the LIA advanced so much they erased all traces of past glaciers. And how the glaciers have been retreating ever since.
    Not one word about man made irritable climate syndrome either…..

  2. Blade says:

    Homer! What a great comparison, visually and intellectually.

    Flashback to what did this genius had to say to 350.org about reducing CO2 ppm …

    Therefore, it is foolish to demand that policy makers reduce CO2 to 280 ppm. Indeed, if, with a magic wand, we reduced CO2 from today’s 389 ppm to 280 ppm that change would increase Earth’s heat radiation to space by almost 2 watts (per square meter). The planet would rapidly move toward a colder climate, probably colder than the Little Ice Age. Whoever wielded the magic wand might receive a Middle Ages punishment, such as being drawn and quartered. – James Hansen, from ‘Conversation with Bill McKibben‘ dated December 12, 2010. [see: PDF from Columbia.edu], [also see: Discussion at WUWT].

  3. Sleepalot says:

    Isn’t there a “not” missing from “the glaciers will stop retreating”?

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