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My Global Warming Heroes

Al Gore – John Edwards – Newt Gingrich – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Upstanding family men. Honorary mention : Osama Bin Laden – Charles Manson,    

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Message For Young Scientists

Yes, we publicly berate skeptics, compare them to Holocaust deniers, block them from being published and threaten to de-certify them – but please feel free to do research which runs contrary to the “consensus.” It will be warmly received.

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Playing The Sea Level Game

The scam for the week is the claim that a tiny increase in CO2 in the 19th century up to 281 ppm, triggered the fastest sea level rise in 2,000 years. Let’s pretend for a minute that theory is correct. … Continue reading

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Global Warming Laws Of Thermodynamics

An ice cube can’t melt if the temperature in the room is steady or declining. When glacial ice melts, the water often just disappears. An atmosphere with 95% CO2 can be as hot as Venus or as cold as Mars. … Continue reading

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18th Century SUVs Responsible for Alaskan Glacial Retreat

Between 1794 and 1879, the glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska retreated an average of eight feet per day. Retreat has been much slower over the last 100 years. Emission controls established by the first Continental Congress halted the decline of the glacier. As you … Continue reading

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Why It Is OK To Lie About Global Warming Evidence

The physical records may not support global warming theory – yet. But later they will, and those in positions of responsibility have a moral imperative to keep public awareness alive – even if it means fabricating or intentionally misinterpreting data. Remember, any period of time where trends go … Continue reading

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Arctic Melting Down

http://www.arctic.io/observations/ Not much changing over the last three weeks.

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