How Long Does It Take A European To Install An Air Conditioner?

According to Seth Borenstein, it takes more than 60 years.

Heat Will Kill More Than Cold in Europe Eventually

a new study in Europe finds that around 2040, the increase in heat deaths will likely outweigh the reduction in cold deaths. The study suggests that by 2070, global warming may cause 15,000 more temperature-related deaths a year in Europe, which has less air conditioning than the United States.

Winter temperatures in Europe, the US and Russia have plummeted over the last decade.

Summer temperatures have also gone down in most of those regions.


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21 Responses to How Long Does It Take A European To Install An Air Conditioner?

  1. slp says:

    Having lived in Florida all of my life, I cannot recall ever reading about heat-related deaths here. And, air conditioning has not always been ubiquitous; one of the schools I attended had none. Even if temperatures were increasing, do they really think Europeans are so helpless?

  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    You conveniently cherry picked by leaving out the Arctic and Antarctic. Every 3 year old knows those areas are much, much above normal, per Hansen’s red and pink crayons. And Hansen is like George Washington, he would never tell a lie!

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    Massive damage control mode alert.

  4. Has anybody got a copy of the Communication? Usually the assumption is that, if there’s 20,000 deaths one year due to the heat, then there’s 20,000 deaths in the following year and so on and so forth. As if people were too stupid to adapt. Imagine if there were another 2003 heatwave and France lost as many people as last time around…obviously many heads in Government would fall because of abysmal incompetence.

    On a final note, the reporter is Seth Borenstein. That’s enough of a label for unadulterated warmist rubbish anyway.

    • Justa Joe says:

      At the risk of sounding morbid when these heat waves occur they kill many vulnerable elderly people as occurred in Chicago in 1995. This tends to cull out the frail elderly. If a repeat event happened the following year you’re not going to have as many frail people remaing to fall victim to the heat. These events have to happen at significant intervals in order to have high mortality rates. Also although we chalk these deaths up to heat they’re largely a result of inadequate preparation for the heat.

      • RVDL says:

        It was not the heat that killed the vulnerable elderly but the fact that the body of an old person does not give the signal to the brain that the body needs water or food.. Old people don’t need an Air Conditioner they need someone who takes care they eat and drink.

  5. Dave G says:

    I love it, 60 years to install as 10 stood by watching LOL

  6. Scott says:

    Does anyone really believe that bright red spot in the Scandinavian winter that is surrounded by nothing but blue? Where exactly is that?

    Also, anyone else notice that the point in Scandinavia is one of the very few (if only) red points in the winter that is in an area surrounded by other data? The rest of the red is right on the edge of the observing window.


  7. omnologos says:

    JJ – the rule is, heat kills the already dying, cold kills full stop. Even in the Afar desert it is possible to walk for much longer than in a February Canadian snowstorm.

  8. RVDL says:

    Ice, rather than fire, is the big threat

    Meteorologist Joe Bastardi

    The New “Consensus” Predicts an Ice Age

    By Alan Caruba

    etc etc etc

  9. TinyCO2 says:

    But EU rules will mean that we’ll be broke by then and will not be able to afford the air conditioner or the electricty to run it.

    • Paul H says:

      Don’t forget Tiny that there will be no electricity during winter as there is not enough wind to power the windmills or sun to fire up the solar panels.

      On a serious point though, the implication from the article is that Borenstein is quite happy for people to carry on dying from the cold.

      • TinyCO2 says:

        They’re considered acceptable casualties of the climate war. If this madness continues, the old won’t have to worry about freezing or boiling to death. Some time in their sixties they’ll receive a chilling note – Commiserations, you have exceeded your lifetime CO2 allotment. The planet thanks you for your time here on Earth and she hopes to see you again in your next reincarnation. This message will explode in 3… 2…

  10. I’ve just ordered mine. It’ll be installed on December 1st 2069 (Order now, pay in 2070), just in time for the hot winter. Trouble is, they won’t tell me if it’ll be installed am or pm, so I’ may have to stay in all day.

    “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun” – Noel Coward.

  11. Sundance says:

    I thought air conditioning was a human rights issue. It should be part of free health care in Europe.

  12. JeffT says:

    My reply is , So what. People are going to die of something.

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