Free Weed In Nuuk

South Greenland’s chief agricultural advisor, Kenneth Hoeg, envisions a world where all of southern Greenland could have commercially viable vegetable farms and forests. On a recent visit to Qanasiassat he said “If it gets warmer, a large part of southern Greenland could be like this. If it gets a little warmer, you could talk about a productive forest with enough wood for logs.”

The new life in Southern Greenland is coming at the expense of northern Greenland’s vast ice sheet. The sheet covers 80% of the island and is melting rapidly, threatening the native way of life and a massive rise in sea level.


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  1. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Threatening is not the word I would use. They would probably welcome some warming and melting ice. Humans were not designed to live in those conditions even if they adapted to the harsh conditions there.

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