Hansen Hoping To Stabilize The Climate

If we lower CO2, we can make the climate safe again – like it was in the 1930s

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7 Responses to Hansen Hoping To Stabilize The Climate

  1. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Baby steps are needed here. First he needs to stabilize himself which might be to large of a challenge.

  2. & if we can get the climate back to 1930s stability, maybe we can get politics back to the sort of sane, well-grounded conditions of the 1930s too. We can finally use Science to reduce the fecundity of those “carbon wasting” populations, we can use the concept of fun-filled Summer work camps to retrain the recalcitrant to more useful professions, & we can finally unify people as one human race working for one benevolent government with one charismatic leader. I mean, that’s what Hansen is really aiming for, isn’t he?

    • DERise says:

      I believe some steps in that direction have been suggested, at least in the identification of attendees and camp curriculum, by some in the international media. I’m sure that there would be no shortrage on volunters for summer camp “counselers” flocking in from various NGO and International Bodies to assist in “retraining”.

  3. Andy WeissDC says:

    If we get the 1930’s climate again, we would probably also have the 1930’s economy. Neither were particularly fantastic, even if CO2 was under 350 PPM.

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