Seriously, Where’s The Farm?

This is the southern tip of Greenland on June 23, 2011. No one is doing any farming here. The ground is covered with snow. The glaciers are not melting down. Sea ice is drifting down the coast.

How many stories have we heard in the MSM about global warming making farming viable in Greenland?



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4 Responses to Seriously, Where’s The Farm?

  1. A K Haart says:

    The MSM know they can say almost anything about a place their readers will never visit.

  2. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    They are farming ice for all those Manhattans people are talking about! 😉

  3. RVDL says:

    This is the kind of warming that kills a civilizacion. Like that of the Vikings

  4. nigelf says:

    Well it happened once before because of global warming, Lief Ericsson can attest to that.

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