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Stanford Grad Doesn’t Know To Use The Internet

The ocean and atmosphere may be cold, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hot. Don’t let cool spring fool you, experts say global warming is a fact BY MIKE FAULK YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC YAKIMA, Wash. — With this year’s heavy snowpack … Continue reading

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Winter Temperatures Crashing Across The US

Joe D’Aleo sent this over. US winter temperatures are dropping at a rate of between thirteen and eighty-seven degrees per century. This is exactly what the climate models predicted, and exactly what Jeff Masters means when he talks about global … Continue reading

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Progressive MSM Now Has Two Witches To Burn

Palin and Bachmann are turning them all into newts. All of the evil in the world is due to these two women. “I am very serious about what I want to do,” Bachmann said on “Fox News Sunday,” adding that … Continue reading

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Support For “Climate Action” Crashing In Oz

New research shows support for taking action on climate change is slipping. The Lowy Institute’s annual poll asked about 1,000 people for their opinions on a range of topics, including climate change and the war in Afghanistan. The poll shows … Continue reading

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Evil Greenland Glacier Keeps Growing

  Someone forgot to tell it that Greenland is melting down. http://www.b.dk/viden/berlingske-er-mere-cool-end-politiken   http://nsidc.org/cgi-bin/gpd_deliver_jpg.pl?berlingskeGI22_18  

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Global Warming Expected To Increase The Intensity Of Cattle Rustling Deaths In Kenya

Last week, Prime Minister Raila Odinga got it right when he said climate change may be the biggest challenge to the country’s economic development in coming years. Unfortunately, despite this realisation, there is no evidence that much is being done … Continue reading

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NPR : Texas Ice House Meltdown

Texas Icehouses Melt Away Texas Icehouses. Part town hall, part tavern, icehouses have been a South Texas tradition since the 1920s. Before refrigeration, icehouses stored and distributed block ice for the neighborhood iceboxes. Over time, they diversified— iced beer, a … Continue reading

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