NPR : Texas Ice House Meltdown

Texas Icehouses Melt Away

Texas Icehouses. Part town hall, part tavern, icehouses have been a South Texas tradition since the 1920s. Before refrigeration, icehouses stored and distributed block ice for the neighborhood iceboxes.

Over time, they diversified— iced beer, a little food, maybe some groceries — a cool, air-conditioned spot where neighbors and families come to sit, talk, play dominoes, turn up the juke box, maybe eat some chicken wings, dance on the slab outside. No two are alike — Sanchez’, Acapulco, Dos Hermanas, Stanley’s, La Tuna, The Beer Depot, The Texan.

Once a vital part of everyday local culture — a cornerstone of every neighborhood in San Antonio and Houston — they are rapidly diminishing, an endangered species.

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2 Responses to NPR : Texas Ice House Meltdown

  1. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Where was the endangered species act when this was endangered:

  2. Bruce says:

    NPR notices the invention of the refrigerator…

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