Clowns, Or Criminals?

From NOAA’s “2010 State of the Climate” report :

Sea Level

* Sea level continued to rise across the world’s oceans on average.

All of the satellites showed sea level dropping sharply in 2010. ESA’s Envisat showed sea level at the lowest level since they started taking measurements in 2004.

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18 Responses to Clowns, Or Criminals?

  1. Chocolate ration increased from 30 grams/wk to 25 grams/wk.

  2. Dave N says:

    Their calculations are described in pages 99 and 100 of the report. They appear to be claiming since they can’t make comparisons against other datasets, they’re working with only a subset of data. Sounds like another way of saying: “we’re cherry picking to support the AGW theory”.

  3. suyts says:

    I’m going with the criminals, but I remain open to the idea that they’re just incredibly incompetent.

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    Joe Bastardi says cooling coming to earth not “Global Warming”

  5. Andy WeissDC says:

    Maybe they aren’t clowns or criminals. Maybe they are just insane. Insane with greed and their desire to feel important. Or maybe some combination of all of the above.

  6. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Bureaucracy at its finest! They are doing their best to justify their existence and promote additional funding to expand their field of influence. If we allowed them their Climate Central, where they could quadruplicate the services provided by sooo many others, we could waste even more money the country is trying to justify printing. Maybe the NOAA should be funded with “Funny Money” to match the services they provide!

  7. NikFromNYC says:

    “Did you know beer makes you smarter?
    It made Bud wiser!”

    NASA (sea level) info-graphic:

    I had an inkling I had another one in me, vague intuitive wrath, an itch I couldn’t scratch. I broke my Atkins diet for this baby.

  8. Over 90% of the worlds glaciers are retreating, melting. That does not happen in a world that is getting colder.
    2010 set new records for the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Since 1995 the ice sheet lost an average of 265 cubic kilometers per year,
    That does not happen in a world that is getting colder.
    Arctic sea ice extent in May 2011 was the third lowest in the satellite record, continuing the overall downward trend of the past thirty years
    That does not happen in a world that is getting colder.
    You can argue the cause. You can argue if it is natural or man made.
    However, You can not deny the melting of glaciers or the Greenland ice sheet or the Arctic sea ice.
    The earth is warming.

  9. John Roger says:

    Many skeptics on here lack a basic understanding. The small sea level fall is because there was so much water on land in 2010 (remember all that flooding?) that it actually lowered the average sea level slightly. It’s clearly explained on the NASA page — look at the diagram on the right.

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