1775 : America Ravaged By Hurricanes



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3 Responses to 1775 : America Ravaged By Hurricanes

  1. Andy WeissDC says:

    If it happened before 1950, is is not part of weather history, according to NOAA.

    Humanity had not evolved sufficiently in 1775 to differentiate between a hurricane, a tornado, a tsunami, an earthquke, a fire, a volcano or an asteroid. Nor had they developed the capacity to count bodies.

  2. mikegeo says:

    It would be interesting to see just what the human loss on a per capita basis was for these past harsh weather events.
    A loss of life of 4,000 is high in any natural disaster, but 4,000 out of a small population in 1775 would have been enormous. It would put some of these current events into better perspective.

  3. Blade says:

    I love this era. Steve, please keep an eye out for news of the War of 1812 Hurricane and Tornado that may have saved America. Repeat from my earlier post …

    I saw that special on the War of 1812 (History Channel, uggh, but this was good though). It was the first time in my many years that I heard of both a hurricane and tornado which through divine intervention (I believe this was how it was described, finger of God) decimated the British troops and helped to dowse the fires they set in DC. So I was wondering if you have come across this yet.

    The Wiki page has a single sentence about it but they link to this reference excerpt from a book. The date seems to have been August 25, 1814.

    Important historical significance.

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