The Non-Thinking Man

A reader who calls himself the “thinking man” writes :

Over 90% of the worlds glaciers are retreating, melting. That does not happen in a world that is getting colder

Over the last 8,000 years temperatures have been falling, and glaciers have been melting. The fact that ice is melting tells you only that the ice is out of equilibrium. You can’t infer anything about whether the climate is warming or cooling.

.2010 set new records for the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Since 1995 the ice sheet lost an average of 265 cubic kilometers per year,That does not happen in a world that is getting colder.

Sea level plummeted during 2010. ESA’s Envisat satellite showed sea level at the end of 2010 lower than 2004. Where did your record melt water go, Mr. non-thinking man?

Arctic sea ice extent in May 2011 was the third lowest in the satellite record, continuing the overall downward trend of the past thirty years. That does not happen in a world that is getting colder.

NSIDC graphs show a significant increase in the amount of multi-year ice over the last three years. The Arctic Basin was completely full of ice in May, 2010. Quebec is not part of the Arctic.

You can argue the cause. You can argue if it is natural or man made. However, You can not deny the melting of glaciers or the Greenland ice sheet or the Arctic sea ice.

You can believe all the junk science Al Gore tells you, or you can try actually thinking for yourself.

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14 Responses to The Non-Thinking Man

  1. mkelly says:

    Questions for Thinking Man:
    Let’s see ice melts at 0 C, so if the temperature drops from 15 to 13 C will ice melt? If the temperature goes up from 13 to 15 C does ice melt?

  2. suyts says:

    Now Steve, to be fair, we must acknowledge that some people don’t grasp the physical properties of H2O, and its real tricky stuff!!!!

    But, I digress,…………

    I left my ice tray out of the freezer the other day…… in my house, I keep it about 73 degrees……. lo and behold, when I rediscovered my ice tray, I noticed something really strange!!!! The ice cubes were melting!!!!!

    Being keenly aware of the catastrophic implications of melting ice, I quickly acted so as not be the cause of the destruction of mankind or civilization as we know it!!! So, I dashed to my thermostat and turned it all the way down to 70!!!! And, with a sigh of relief, my AC kicked on! “Wew”, I said to myself, “That was a close one!”. And I promised myself not to be so careless with ice ever again.

    Later on, needing another drink, I set out towards the kitchen to mix the elixir and confirm, that I did indeed bring humanity back from the brink. Much to my dismay and horror, I found the sad reminents of my ice. I couldn’t believe it! I rushed back to my thermostat!! It confirmed, (and I’ve the bill to prove it) that the AC engaged and did indeed cool my house by 3 degrees. How can this be? I always thought a cooler environment mandated more ice? Obviously, H2O is a devilishly trick molecule and there’s much more to learn about it than just warmer vs. cooler.

    I’m so sorry I let you all down…….. so very sorry. I’ll take full responsibility for when Manhattan drowns. 😦


  3. Traitor in Chief says:

    Many of those infamous glaciers reside at places that never warm above 0 C.

    I too have an ice cube story! I made some ice in the plastic trays but I don’t use it much….. In fact almost never. (I drink wine) So when guests came over and I went to pull out the ice trays, to my dismay, many of the cubes had shrunk! And they tasted kinda nasty too. We had to run to the store. It seems that global warming has invaded my freezer!

    The End

    • suyts says:

      You mean we can lose ice mass in a world that’s below freezing!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

      More proof that H2O is devilishly sneaky!!! It knows its suppose to stay there when its below freezing!!!! But does it obey the thoughts of our sciency types of alarmists….but, nooOOOooo! Its gotta be like, “No way man, Imma gonna mindscrew those guys”…..

    • slp says:

      So what is the climatic equivalent of an automatic defrost unit? It must be CO2.

  4. Damone says:

    Anyone know where the “90% of glaciers are melting” comes from? Is that actual climate science fact or just speculative B.S.? I’m betting it’s another UN “50 million refugees” type of science.

  5. “Oh, yeah, I mean you have insolation, surface area, reflectivity, ice-flow speed, upstream mass, tribology, & whatever else, but it’s actually only the partial pressure of CO2 that melts glaciers.”

    –pretty much every Toasty ever

  6. “90% of the worlds glaciers…” is similar to “97% of climate scientists…”. Only a few percent at most are monitored to any degree at all.

    I know where all that “record melt water” went, or at least, might have gone though –
    Well at least it might be a solution if Manhattan is threatened by Jim “elastic ruler” Hanson’s “65 metres” or whatever it was in 1988 (or whenever it was)….

  7. Ira says:

    most likely based on this:
    saw it this morning and didn’t think it passed the smell test.

  8. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    You can believe all the junk science Al Gore tells you, or you can try actually thinking for yourself.

    There is no thinking in the political left. It attracts those who want others to tell them what to think. That is why there are web sites that supply prefabricated rebuttals for global warming believers to use on “skeptic/deniers”.

    People on the political left live a small world. That way then can be left unchallenged by the real world which is big and hard. The real world has things that require you to think and live on your own, things like businesses, and wars, and science, and Constitutions. But those are too much effort for some people. So they choose a smaller, easier to grasp world where others do all the heavy lifting for them. It’s a world where big business owners are megalomaniacal murderers, and God is a fairy tale.

  9. Daniel Packman says:

    8000 years is the a different time scale than the 150 year recent warming. Different physics and no connection. Arctic ice extent in any single year is a poor measure of a long term trend and looking at May is closer to the peak.

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