Romm’s 2011 Dust Bowl

Romm says that the 2011 drought is the worst ever.

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5 Responses to Romm’s 2011 Dust Bowl

  1. DEEBEE says:

    History repeats itself, but never exactly the same way.

  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    1954 might have had the worst US heat wave outside the 1930’s. St. Louis reached 115 and places in Illinois got as high as 117. The Dust Bowl made a definite comeback in the 1950’s

  3. papertiger says:

    Sacramento total rainfall year (ending on July 1 2011)….. 24.65″
    versus average 17.87″ equals 6.78″ above average.
    Palmer’s scale is obviously screwing the pooch in regard to California.

    You can tell by looking at Nevada. The high desert is dry because it sits in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada range. On the Palmer map it shows California as dryer than Nevada, which is not possible.

    • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

      I read up on how the PDI was obtained and was not at all impressed. But then I am not impressed with quite a lot coming out of NOAA.

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