Climate Researcher : Warmer Water Now Sinks Under Colder Water

Warming ocean layers will undermine polar ice sheets: study

LOS ANGELES, July 3 (Xinhua) — Warming of the ocean’s subsurface layers will melt underwater portions of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets faster than previously thought, increasing the sea level more than already projected, a new study suggests.

The subsurface ocean layers surrounding the polar ice sheets will warm substantially as global warming progresses, according to the study led by researchers from the University of Arizona (UA).

According to the study, the subsurface ocean along the Greenland coast could increase as much as 3.6 F (2 C) by 2100.

Look for warm water to sink under the anomalously cold water off the coast of Greenland.

Also, look for the Bristol Balloon Fiesta next month to start using cold air balloons, now that we know that warm fluids are more dense than cold ones.





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3 Responses to Climate Researcher : Warmer Water Now Sinks Under Colder Water

  1. Jim Cole says:

    MEDIA is the new stupid

    ’nuff said

  2. Ill wind blowing says:

    Dear Alarmists and fellow Warmists:

    Skeptic University and Diploma Mills Are Us are now including classes on Oceanography, Cryology and fluid dynamics. One week of classes and you know it all!

    Yours truly Dunning-Kruger. πŸ™‚

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Some folks will say anything for a little money.

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