GIA : Old Jedi Mind Trick

Sea level is a measure of the average elevation of the ocean surface.

Sea level is not a measure of the average depth of the ocean. It is not a measure of the volume of the ocean. It is not a measure of the elevation  of the ocean floor.  Adding 0.3 mm/year to sea level numbers based on the justification that someone thinks the ocean floor is sinking by that amount, is simply not legitimate.

The ocean floor could sink for 1,000,000 years, but that will not drown Manhattan.


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5 Responses to GIA : Old Jedi Mind Trick

  1. Latitude says:

    They said it’s because of the rebound from the last ice age….
    ….then go back to their very first measurement and start adding it there

    Claiming the sea floor is sinking, land is rising….
    …is the most lame way to hide no sea level rise at all

    Now of course, they are saying it volume….
    …but still saying sea level on their site

  2. Jim Cole says:

    “These are not the Droids you are looking for”

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  3. Bruce says:

    Well, if the ocean floor on the exact opposite side of the earth from Manhattan sank far enough …

  4. omnologos says:

    does anybody know of any such “correction” that has ever gone the other way?

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