Navy Admiral : “We haven’t had an ocean open on this planet since the end of the Ice Age”

Navy Adm. Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations, explained the level of U.S. interests in the Arctic during a June 16 Arctic seminar here. The region is “extraordinarily important for our Navy, for our military, and for our nation,” he said.

“There is a phenomenal event taking place on the planet today,” Roughead said, referring to the opening up of the Arctic Ocean from melting polar ice caps. “We haven’t had an ocean open on this planet since the end of the Ice Age. So, if this is not a significant change that requires new, and I would submit, brave thinking on the topic, I don’t know what other sort of physical event could produce that.”

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12 Responses to Navy Admiral : “We haven’t had an ocean open on this planet since the end of the Ice Age”

  1. Blade says:

    Absolutely Stuck on Stupid! Particularly the part: ‘… since the end of the Ice Age’, which has yet to end after 2.5 million years. Compounded by the ignorant belief that there has always been some frozen North Pole ice-cap ever since.

    One the one hand, people that fall for catastrophic propaganda are truly stupid enough to not even know that they are *living* in an ice-age, a nice cozy but very likely short-lived Holocene interglacial within that on-going Pleistocene ice-age.

    On the other hand these same people are crying about melting glaciers (‘leave the glaciers alone!‘) thereby hoping to ensure the survival of the ice-age they think we are not in.

    One thing for sure, I never ever would have believed that a generation could grow up so STUPID as to think that the nice cozy interglacial that they live in IS TOO DAMN WARM. What pathetic spoiled little brats. They should be thanking God (or whatever they want) for being alive now.

    What a glittering jewel of collossal ignorance! – Rush.

  2. Les Johnson says:

    There are some idiots out there. This bunch, for instance, after complaining about the cold all spring as they walked to the pole, are now saying that less dense, warmer water will sink through denser, colder water.

    The little flaw in the theory, is that 1st year ice is less salty than the sea water below, as the brine becomes denser as it gets colder. As it sinks, it leaves relatively fresher water behind, which freezes. When that ice melts, it will be warmer than the water below, as the meltpoint of 1st year ice is higher than the freeze point of sea water. It also be less dense, both from brine thermal segregation and whatever salt exclusion occurs over the winter.

    But they think it sinks?!?? And that it is COLDER than the water below it?


    • suyts says:

      It is flabbergasting. It always leaves me wondering if they actually believe this tripe, or are they trying to be intentionally deceptive. If they do believe this stuff, who told them they were capable of formulating any thoughts the held any veracity? Did they truly believe their mothers’ opinion was unbiased and that they did, indeed, have superior abilities?

      This is simply a call for more stringent acedemic standards. These people should never passed 6th grade science class.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    I’ve tried to leave a message at the website:

    The report sucks and Navy Adm. Gary Roughead is a liar, nothing more, nothing less.

    Maybe someone else can make an attempt

  4. Sparks says:

    But it doesn’t look open to me, what is he talking about?

  5. AndyW says:

    That US navy guy is 3 years late

    Rear Adm Gene Brooks for the win.


  6. Dave N says:

    Does this guy ever look out the window? Seriously.

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