What Was I Thinking Of?

“every qualified scientific body in the world, from the Australian Academy of Science and the Royal Society as well as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Chinese Academy of Science, accepts unequivocally that global warming is a reality and agrees that warming is caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions.”


That settles it! Manhattan has been underwater and the Arctic ice-free ever since 2008 or 2013 or 2016 or 2018 or 2028 or 1966. And England was destroyed before the year 2000.

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26 Responses to What Was I Thinking Of?

  1. Tony Duncan says:


    Steve must think I am not watching any more.

    Well a least he is only lying about one of the assertions made in this post.

    You folks ready for another long back and forth where I point out the lie and Steve responds in all sorts of irrelevant ways that in no way support his Manhattan underwater meme?

    He must miss me.

    • Me says:

      Yeah, because your just that important to the cause, all seeing swami.

    • You are right. Hansen never predicted that Manhattan would drown. That is why he predicted that Manhattan would drown.

      You are a complete moron.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        Ah, yes. it has started. Steve begins the first retaliation
        with an attempt at deflection
        “Hansen never predicted that Manhattan would drown. That is why he predicted that Manhattan would drown.”

        Of course everyone who has read our ridiculous back and forth about this knows I have never said Hansen didn’t say the west side highway wouldn’t be underwater. it is the date and the concentration fo CO2 that is the question.
        I rewire you WAYYYYY back to the body of this post “That settles it! Manhattan has been underwater and the Arctic ice-free ever since 2008, 2013 or 2016 or 2018 or 2028 or 1966.

        As long as Steve acknowledges that Hansen never said Manhattan would be underwater by 2008, which Steve stated over and over again for many months on this blog, then I stop correcting him. The ACTUAL quote said 2030 with a doubling of CO2 by then.
        I am sure he is correct about the foolish predictions about ice free arctic.

      • Me says:

        Sounds like another Ill wind to me, long winded too, but Ill winded none the less.

      • suyts says:

        lol, yes Tony, your absence has been noted! And, in honor of your return……..

        “The ACTUAL quote said 2030 with a doubling of CO2 by then.”

        No, that’s not the actual quote, the actual quote was in the Salon interview.
        And its likely they were both fabrications. As both parties have severe credibility problems. 😛


      • Tony Duncan says:

        Sorry SUYTS,

        As I have pointed out DOZENS of times the MISquote is from the Salon Article. The Salon article was a brazen promotion for the book, which has the actual quote. The book is placed prominently on the HEADING of the article. It is mentioned prominently in the FIRST paragraph and in other places. the PUBLISHING info for the book is in the middle of the article and there is a LINK to where to BUY the book. The book was printed BEFORE the article and the article was from a phone conversation.
        ALSO the article is NOT a quote of Hansen. it is a 13 year later recollection from a writer that talked to Hansen. I have asked repeatedly to have anyone supply me with Hansen making any statement that is in any way close to this and no one ever has. the AUTHOR of the quote states categorically his Salon MISquote was a mistake and Hansen says it was wrong as well.
        Steve knows that this is not something Hansen ever said, and he continues to repeat it. hence he is lying.

        I have no issue with anyone saying either is a fabrication. You can accuse Hansen of anything you like regarding his real statements, but you can’t accuse him of things it has been proven he never said.

        • So what year can we expect Manhattan to drown? Hansen says that multi-metre rise is dead certain this century, so it must be soon. Or maybe he misquoted himself?

      • Tony Duncan says:


        I imagine the date for the West Side highway’s demise will be significantly sooner than the date you admit he never said it would be underwater by 2008.

        Steve second attempt is another deflection. What will his third tactic be? I am guessing another deflection.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        I NAILED it. deflection #3.

        As far as I know Hansen has not made any other predictions about the West Side highway. You are much better at finding things like that out than I am.

        • At current rise rates, it will take about 3,000 years for the West Side Highway to drown. Hansen really nailed it, and your defense of him is very telling.

      • suyts says:

        lol, Tony,

        I was just saying hi. I don’t have any desire to for this lengthy back and forth.
        If you believe that just because it’s written differently in a book, from the quoted source, is proof of anything, I’m fine with you believing such silliness.

  2. Latitude says:

    The Salon interview was 2001.
    In 2001 Reiss said he had interviewed Hansen 12-13 years before that.

    2001 minus 13 = 1988

    Reiss asked Hansen what would be different in 20 years.

    1988 + 20 = 2008

    • Tony Duncan says:


      If you were a newbie on here, I would just explain all the facts to you again. but since you know what you just wrote is meaningless, I won’t bother.

      I do find it amazing how people can hold onto something where they absolutely know they are wrong., have it pointed out to them dozens of times and refuse to admit it, without ever being able to supply a shred of evidence to dispute the truth.

      • Me says:

        lol, get your feet up non belivers, it’s getting pretty deep here. 🙂

      • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

        Just Blizzard Duncam trying out new material for his comedy routine!

      • The Salon interview is an indisputable fact. That James Hansen said “20 years” is an indisputable fact. That this “Tony Dunkin” character chooses to obfuscate these facts is typical for those who wish to deny the lies of their idols

      • DEEBEE says:

        Fool stop postingwhile staring into a mirror

      • Tony Duncan says:


        Well you got something right. the Salon interview is an indisputable fact.
        To get to “That Hansen said 20 years is an indisputable fact” would have to have actual facts in order to be true. Since there are absolutely no facts to support it and I have supplied numerous facts that indisputably prove it to be UNTRUE that statement is wrong.
        The main fact that indisputable proves that Hansen dd NOT say it is in the Salon Article. Maybe I have never mentioned this before, but the Salon article is a big fat promo for the authors book. That book is FEATURED on the headline of the article. It is mentioned prominently in the next paragraph. It is not mentioned in the next paragraph, but in the NEXT one the publishing info is provided. And below that here is a LINK to the website for the book. this shows you the BOOK was published BEFORE the article.
        The article was a casual phone conversation, as is stated clearly in the website, where reissue, the author of the book, offhandedly mentions that this would happen in 20 years. Interestingly a couple of paragraphs below that the interviewer asks him again, when this would happen and he says in “20 or 30 years”. So in the article itself, he says two different things. one rather definite the other extremely indefinite.
        Remember now this is NOT Hansen, this is REISS describing what Hansen told him THIRTEEN years later over the phone to an interviewer. Promoting a book that was published recently.
        Now the BOOK VERY CLEARLY says, and this is IN RESPONSE To a question from REISS, again a CASUAL conversation, “What do you think it will look like down there in 2030 with a doubling of CO2” I had the book in my hands. I read it. I posted the exact quote on here.
        After all the derisive chortling by Anthony, Steve, numerous others, and especially Pat Michaels, Reiss came out and publicly stated that he had misquoted Hansen in the article. Hansen, apparently irritated at Michaels said he had never said that. There is NO ONE else who heard this conversation, so they are the only two sources. BOTH sources say the quote in the article is incorrect, that REISS was wrong, NOT Hansen.
        I have numerous times asked for anyone to produce anything Hansen had written or publicly stated after his congressional testimony that in any way comes close to the salon misquote. I have read some of Hansen’s papers myself and they VERY CLEARLY do NOT have him saying anything like the Salon quote. It is completely inconsistent with anything Hansen himself has publicly said.
        So there is NO OTHER instance of Hansen saying anything remotely like the SALON quote. The book that the Salon article was about has a completely different quote that is very specific. the Salon quote hedges to major uncertainty on the date. The Salon quote came from an informal telephone interview. Reiss says the quote is wrong, and Hansen says the quote is wrong. No one has provided ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that these facts are in any way disputed in the dozens of times I have explained this.
        Steve refuses to admit that Hansen never said what a 2nd hand conversation attributed to him 13 years earlier on a phone conversation that in the article itself is disputed, and that the Author and Hansen both deny, and that has absolutely no evidence to indicate he ever said anything like this.
        as far as I know no one EVER asked Hansen specifically about this quote to see if it was true.
        Now I do think there is a slight possibility of a conspiracy. I think it possible Hansen and Reiss KNEW no one would bother to check the facts, so they purposefully planted this obvious impossible “quote” and then FILLED the article with references to the actual source , so anyone who had a shred of interest in the truth could check out the quote and see it was wrong. Hansen and Reiss then waited for a huge anti global warming movement to develop and then sent an anonymous tip to WUWT, and then sat back and laughed their asses off as one after another all the right wing anti global warming blogs ridiculed Hansen, and giving each other high fives as each one didn’t bother to fact check it. And then when every single right wing anti climate change website and pundit lambasted Hansen, without ever checking the source (did I mention the source for the quote was plastered all over the article?) Reiss and Hansen then came out and exposed the mistake to allow people like me to rub people Like Steve’s face in it. KNOWING that people like Steve could NEVER admit to being wrong, no matter how incontrovertible it was.
        Now i don’t actually think that is what happened, but at least it fits all the facts so far.

  3. Dave N says:

    The whole world could “agree” about something scientific.. it takes only one person to prove them all wrong. Science doesn’t work by consensus; anyone trying to use that argument is irrational.

  4. Traitor in Chief says:

    I think Manhattan has to boil first, then flood. If you flood first, there’s all that water, and it will take forever to boil. But all this can be stopped if Wall St will just convert to Communism.

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