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Guardian Supports Privacy For Crooks, Against It For Honest People

When the Sarah Palin emails – from her time as Alaska’s governor – were released on 10 June there was a media frenzy. And – much to the horror of many of our readers – the Guardian was right in … Continue reading

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Puffington Host : Greens Are Soulmates Of The Christian End Times Movement

“All the evidence shows that we are nearing the end of man’s tragic experiment in independence from God.” Wow, I thought. They get it. And suddenly I felt a burst of solidarity with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The words are from … Continue reading

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London To Drown Within A Few Decades

London to drown in melting ice-cap Armageddon – report Monday, July 4, 2011 10:01 AM Catastrophic climate change will see London disappear beneath the waves of melting arctic ice-caps within the coming decades, warns a new report. Your viewEmailPrintGot a … Continue reading

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Rick Perry Was Al Gore’s Campaign Chairman

Rick Perry Was Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Chairman in 1988 Political observers have noted that Jon Huntsman is likely to take some flack from conservatives for having served as President Obama’s Ambassador to China until recently. But Huntsman isn’t the … Continue reading

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The Barbecue Summer Of 2007

News release 11 April 2007 Met Office forecast for Summer 2007 The latest seasonal forecast from the Met Office issued today, reveals that this summer is, yet again, likely to be warmer than normal. Following the trend set throughout 2006 and the … Continue reading

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Wales To Be Snow Free By 2020

Snowdon will be snow-free in 13 years, scientists warn By Ian Herbert Thursday, 18 January 2007 Those who originally named the peak spoke as they probably found it, calling it “Snow Dun”, from the Saxon for “snow hill”. But Snowdon … Continue reading

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What Science? This Is About Making Everyone Equally Poor


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