What Forest Fires Are Supposed To Be Like

Taken from the International Space Station

Pictures are coming in from the Los Alamos fire (the largest in area in recent New Mexico history) , and it is clear that the behavior of this fire was very different from its predecessors over the last 30 years. Areas that had burned in the last few decades showed  minimal tree damage. The areas below burned in 1977 and will have grass and flowers by the end of August. Taken by Greg Kendall of Los Alamos.

Areas that have not burned recently did not fare as well. The heat was very intense and burned the entire tree up. This is due to too much fuel, and is Smokey The Bear’s legacy.


For the most part, the ski hill is intact, though runs at the periphery suffered significant damage.


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3 Responses to What Forest Fires Are Supposed To Be Like

  1. Latitude says:

    As much as everyone was hyping the fire getting to the lab and radiation leaking…
    …the fire in 2000 actually did burn buildings at the lab
    No radiation leaked……..

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