Hansen 2006 : Super El Nino

We suggest that an El Nino is likely to originate in 2006 and that there is a good chance it will be a “super El Nino”, rivaling the 1983 and 1997-1998 El Ninos, which were successively labeled the “El Nino of the century” as they were of unprecedented strength in the previous 100 years.


We suggest that Hansen is desperate to get temperatures up to at least his low emissions scenario C. He needs a drowning Manhattan to get his reputation back on track.

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3 Responses to Hansen 2006 : Super El Nino

  1. sunsettommy says:

    He lost my respect a long time ago.

  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    We at least had a garden variety El Nino in 2010.

  3. slimething says:

    Ever notice ENSO doesn’t matter, but the Hansennites always look forward to El Nino, which in reality is a release of heat, to bolster their “warmest decade ever” meme?

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