Odd Man Out

where the heck is global warming? …. The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.
– Trenberth

2002-2010 The trend is negative (-0.12C per decade),
– Jones

A study has shown .. levelling of global average surface temperatures between 1998 and 2009
– Kaufmann

“We conclude that there has been no reduction in the global warming trend of 0.15-0.20°C/decade (~ .3 F/decade) that began in the late 1970s.”

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20 Responses to Odd Man Out

  1. Michael says:

    All they have to do is correct the values and then its heating again.

  2. suyts says:

    Which is even funnier because Hansen blames the impact of aerosols for the lack of warming he doesn’t see.

  3. Andy WeissDC says:

    Hansen reminds me of the high school football cheerleaders that look happy and perky, even when the team is down 63-0.

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Has a psychological evaluation been done on James Hansen yet?

    He reminds me of the government maniac that kept coming after Jeremy Irons in the movie Kafka.

    • NikFromNYC says:

      After listening to one of his recent interviews and noticing just how perfectly he was giving off a very specific paternal vibe combined with a stereotyped vibe of a careful and considerate Scientist, I suddenly had the strange feeling that he is actually a highly functioning psychopath. None of the good research professors I met throughout 13 years of school and lab research had such a serious demeanor, such a perfectly controlled one. The profs I met were goofballs, the best ones having all manner of eccentric aspects to their personality. Lots of top CEOs, law firm partners and “spiritual” gurus are psychopaths. When I see him walking around my neighborhood I can’t catch tail him since he bolts across the intersection with a very fast gait that is unnatural for such a tall person. He looks like he’s hiking up a steep hill, vigorously. In another situation he might be of good use to society in the usual way that fanatically driven people who lack empathy for others can be. I think he just picked the wrong emergency.

      • No stalking, please.

      • Charles Higley says:

        Oh, he is definitely a sociopath, and likely a psychopath as he wants to control everybody and help take everything they have. His pronouncements and consistency, definitely points to lack of conscience, just as Casey Anthony’s behavior while her daughter was missing says sociopath; why even pretend to be upset, she knew where she was and only crippled people with morals would waste time emoting.

      • Terra Incognita says:

        Let’s see. When I stated that Sarah Palin was likely psychopathic I was reviled for such an evil accusation. Of course, that doesn’t apply to you folks because . . . because . . . because you’re so righteous.

        Funny thing is I actually mentioned how psychopaths can be found out. An eeg performed in conjunction with certain tests or an MRI scan is virtually foolproof, no matter how hard they might try to fake it. I myself believe in the extermination of proven psychopaths. But then I’m sooooo eeeeevil.

      • suyts says:

        Nic, I think you give him too much credit. Surely, he’s either a sociopath or a person given to circumstances beyond his capacity. But, this isn’t unusual and not worth vigorous study. He’s commonplace. As you noted, true intellectuals are often of a very different demeanor. Usually, appropriate social interactions are trained and strained for such critters. While it is possible for people of great intellect to have generally appropriate interactions with the general public, it would be only because of years fits, misses and wrong turns. They don’t naturally fit in, they train themselves to fit in. Hansen doesn’t strike me as one of them. Ironically, so too, do sociopaths and psychopaths. However, they typically achieve appropriate social interaction much earlier. A caveat would be that rare psychopath that is unintelligent. Most sociopaths and psychopaths have above average intelligence, but very few have what I would call ‘above exceptional’ intelligence. Hansen’s tell is his ascension to a political appointment and the very intentional public appearances. He’s a bit of a narcissist too. But, then, aren’t we all? 😉

      • NikFromNYC says:

        Terra Incognita:

        I’m quite familiar with Sam Vaknin. He had a very popular book on NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) but lost favor with the online community of NPD victims, mainly for eventually getting too scoffing at them for being enablers. The victims are mostly wives of crazy seductive womanizers who stole their money and emotionally abused them. My last girlfriend of 17 years had a high degree of NPD and is now Google’s senior AdWords attorney in NYC. Her lack of affection I didn’t mind for most of those years since she was a hottie who put out whenever I hinted, but her lack of affect in general meant she fed off of my emotional energy and eventually I resisted the draw and it became an battle of the sexes arms race with me declaring non-monogamy for quite a few years before she moved out, leaving me a huge rent stabilized apartment, one she had paid our rent on for a decade. On the outside she was perfectly adjusted. She was also passive-aggressive since her Korean father had literally beat her expression of negative emotion out of her as a small girl, so I was rarely even criticized in outward fashion.

        To add to this odd story, I myself have an autistic/Asperger’s bent which overlaps with psychopathy/sociopathy. One curious aspect of this is that I, in common with deep psychopaths, lack much of a startle response to real danger, nor any fear of heights or public speaking, though I can certainly be made to jump if someone yells “boo!” as I round a corner. It made me a much better rock climber than my friends.

        So I may be projecting a bit onto Hansen. I don’t get much of an actual “read” off him, but a webcam interview video I saw of him impressed me in a bad way. He was doing clearly manipulative yet matter of factually intoned damage control and smoke screening towards things like the Greenland ice core, claiming that well, warming in the past was “amplified on the top of a glacier” but failing to point out that that would mean that contemporary warming there would also thus be amplified and thus of less concern. I could not reconcile the brazen partisanship of his statement with the idea that he was being authentic, given that he is more or less a “rocket scientist” by training.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    I’m not sure Kevin knew just how apt his use of the term “travesty” instead of “tragedy” was to stating his case, a month before his Climategate e-mail was liberated:

  6. Jim Cole says:

    Soon, they’ll be telling us that climate change is really all about – – – – no change at all.

    or cooling. [heh]

    Yes, Earth continues to change in its own cycles and ways, regardless of pathetic man’s actions. The Sun, however, continues to drive the system with nuclear fusion, which Man is never likely to control on Earth.

    Suck it up, Earth-boys, you ain’t all that important in the big scheme of things.

  7. Terra Incognita says:

    I see that the same worn out cliche about the missing warmth.

    Trenberth’s job is to track exactly how much energy is reaching us from the sun, and how much of that warming has been absorbed by the air, land, oceans, and melting ice. He also calculates how much is reflected or radiated from each of these places. The more global warming there is, the more energy is absorbed by all these places.

    Therefore, Trenberth was talking about where some of the warmth has gone, not that there is a lack of warmth.

    The situation can be easily explained by the following analogy.

    Suppose you are an accountant for a major corporation which grossed 1 billion dollars last year, an increase from the previous year. Your job is to find out where and how that money was spent. You take into account every detail such as salaries, benefits, purchases, etc.. Ideally, your goal as an accountant is to account for every dollar spent or left over as profit. Realistically you can be off by a small amount without worry.

    Imagine, however, that 10% (100 million dollars) is unaccounted for. That would be serious. You know that the money has been there all along but where did it go? Was it due to waste or mismanagement of company resources? Is there someone stealing the money?

    Suppose now, that the accountant sends an e-mail saying, “I cannot account for the missing money and it’s a shame.”

    Now imagine a person who wants to defame the company. He hacks into the e-mail and quotes the accountant out of context by claiming that the company is actually not making more money.

    When Trenberth said, “…we can’t account for the lack of warming…” he meant the same thing as that accountant. Just substitute the word “warmth” for “money”.

    He could not accurately determine the Earth’s complete global energy budget because the measurements we have to measure the ocean’s warming only go down to 900 meters (little over 1/2 mile) and oceans can be several thousand meters deeper than that. Because of that, we will not be able to account for all the energy absorbed by the oceans until we place measuring instruments deeper than they are now. However, our measurements of how much energy from global warming is flowing through our atmosphere, land, and melting ice, are well known.

  8. Strange how the “measuring instruments” didn’t spot the “missing heat” on the way down.

    “However, our measurements of how much energy from global warming is flowing through our atmosphere, land, and melting ice, are well known.” – presumably that’s why IPCC AR4 spends many pages discussing the uncertainties, and many papers have been published since discussing this “well known” topic. Your faith has touched me.

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