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Same Folks Riding The Death Gravy Trains, Decade After Decade

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Pete Drinks The Kool-Aid

scientists just want to gather accurate information and objective facts The Union of Concerned Scientists has published an examination of how today’s mega-oil companies are using tactics similar to those used by the tobacco industry in its attempt to cover … Continue reading

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Lake Powell As A Proxy For Global Warming BS

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/index2.php?as_of=1964-07-04 You know the routine.  Declining snow cover, earlier melt, earlier runoff, rivers and reservoirs going dry, skiing ruined, river rafting ruined, no water for farming, cities going dry, permanent drought, no fresh water, unsustainable lifestyle ………….

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Gore Likes To Speak About Things He Knows Nothing About

a couple of weeks ago, former Vice President Al Gore keynoted the Games For Change conference—a conference about the potential for video games to improve society—and confessed in that keynote that he hadn’t played a video game in earnest since … Continue reading

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A Blight On Colorado

If it weren’t for Denver/Boulder, Colorado would be solidly conservative. There are now more medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver than there are Starbucks. Glossy guidebooks list nearly 300 locations where Colorado’s 125,000 residents who have been prescribed medical marijuana can … Continue reading

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