Pete Drinks The Kool-Aid

scientists just want to gather accurate information and objective facts

The Union of Concerned Scientists has published an examination of how today’s mega-oil companies are using tactics similar to those used by the tobacco industry in its attempt to cover up the health hazard of cigarettes for many years.

skeptics of manmade global warming should reference valid environmental organizations that have been studying the subject long before it was popular, or an “inconvenient truth.” Some of these include the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Environmental Defense Fund, Green Peace, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

absolutely wrong to think that the massive amount of valid data gathered by scientists is subject to being refuted with any form of reasonable doubt

If a news story discusses the Holocaust and the genocide carried out against Jews during WWII, the press need not provide balance by discussing the views of neo-Nazi groups that deny its historical certainty and claim it never happened?

many large donations, which have been given to proxy groups, most from big oil companies like Exxon Mobile. They also list specific individuals, usually under-qualified to be spokesmen, who are essentially paid to deliver information favorable to carbon-producing companies

I would guess that someone, somewhere, has a blog devoted to proving that the Earth is flat. Instead, skeptics of manmade global warming should reference valid environmental organizations

Peter W. Johnson,

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16 Responses to Pete Drinks The Kool-Aid

  1. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Those are some deep thoughts. Though since I’m a gentleman I won’t say deep in what.

  2. omnologos says:

    it’s like a nightmarish world where the neo-Nazis try to prevent any serious analysis of history by saying Holocaust historians are stooges of Israel and only reputable hitlerite organizations should be referenced

  3. Perry says:

    The Union of Concerned Scientists should unpack their hoes & brooms and hotfoot it to Markranstädt, intersection of Schkeuditzer Str. / Nordstraße & Haltern-Flaesheim, Germany as two adventures into PV/Solar generated electricity are going down the tubes.

    H/T to P Gosselin

  4. Traitor in Chief says:

    Whata Maroon. He’s about 5 years late to the Eco love fest and skeptic diatribe.

  5. Andy WeissDC says:

    If some Nazi was willing to make a claim that there was no Holocaust, it still might be interesting to hear his point of view. You might at least learn that most Germans were not monsters and were simply not informed. Even that knowledge (if true) is significant and should not be censored.

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    A conspiracy theorist complaining about conspiracy theories, in a small town newspaper in Wisconsin.

    An online newspaper using an old school “letters to the editor” format instead of allowing online comments.

    Superior in Wisconsin is a sort of dirty urban center of the squalid city of Duluth in Minnesota on the western tip of Lake Superior. Two local airports fill the sky with noise all day. The drinking age used to be a few years lower in Wisconsin, thus explaining why Superior sucked the economy of Duluth dry. Like Minneapolis, these towns lie right in the middle of a huge arctic wind that loops down and back from Canada. There are few towns in Canada that dare situate along that deathly wind.


  7. Sleepalot says:

    “Peter W Johnson”? I presume the “W” is for “Willy.”

  8. Sundance says:

    Peter W. Johnson

    His middle name has to be Willy no doubt, and who listens to anyone with a name consisting of slang terms for a penis?

  9. PearlandAggie says:

    Who is “Exxon Mobile”? LOL. Never heard of ’em!

  10. Justa Joe says:

    The poor guy thinks that companies produce carbon and that carbon is a bad thing. No doubt this guy probably prides himself on his choice of an organic diet.

    Gotta give the guy credit that he was very thorough with his talking points from his eco-pamphlet(s).

    • Follow me! We’ll eliminate the toxic carbon from the planet! We’ll dig a big hole, and bury it (biochar?), then dig another big hole to take the spoil from the first hole….. We’ll use sustainably manufactured earth-moving equipment, of course, powered by eco-friendly bio-diesel, working 24 hrs a day, lit at night by CFLs powered by wind and solar energy.

      (President, secretary, press agent and treasurer, Union of Concerned Socialists)
      (also carbon-based life-form and president of the Flat-Earth Society)

  11. Russell C says:

    Pete’s letter-to-the-editor diatribe is in response to my May 9 Duluth News Tribune letter (now behind a paywall)

    The Duluth News Tribune erroneously titled my letter as demanding ex-Minneapolis news anchor Don Shelby to prove skeptic scientists wrong, when I actually was only suggesting Shelby had gotten his talking points from anti-skeptic book author Ross Gelbspan. I ended up writing not one but two articles on Shelby’s situation, “Warmist Mantra Wearing Out” and “Will MSM Look into the Global Warming Abyss and Find Their Character?”

    I immediately wrote the Superior Telegram a rebuttal letter July 1st, pointing out how Pete here completely failed to comprehend or address anything I said in my May 9 letter. If they end up not publishing it, I could see if my friend who runs the Minnesotans for Global Warming web site will put it online…..

    • Blade says:

      I could see if my friend who runs the Minnesotans for Global Warming web site will put it online…..

      I love those guys.

  12. Russell C says:

    Elmer has very nicely reproduced some of my articles at M4GW, but it turns out there is no need for that alternate venue.

    The Superior Telegram actually put my above-mentioned letter online today, see

    I’m impressed they’d do that, but as usual, yet another headline writer doesn’t grasp what I’m trying to say. A better title for my letter would have been “If skeptics aren’t corrupt, we should listen to them”

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