Fox News Casey Anthony Poll

I don’t have any opinion about her guilt or innocence, but this poll is both daft and dishonest. The judge sentenced her to four years for lying, and she has already served almost all of it. The “cannot go unpunished” item is nonsense.


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4 Responses to Fox News Casey Anthony Poll

  1. says:

    This is a product of the 24 hour news cycle, reality TV, 15 minutes of fame, dirty laundry, whatever you want to call. It’s why pro wrasslin is so popular, no thought required. As for the poll, considering the core bent of this blog, I’m sure you and everyone here have been exposed to polls that are both daft and dishonest.

    • Carmen Gutierrez says:

      “This country is so biased to the Caucasian race! Any other race would have gotten the book thrown at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Carmen Gutierrez

  2. higley7 says:

    The prosecution over-reached in its charges and the jury was correct in that they lacked both any direct evidence of her being the killer or the specific cause of death.

    However, they COULD have looked at the whole picture and realized that nothing in the evidence was in disagreement with the mother doing the killing. Just because you cannot find the bottle of chloroform (you know she did the searches and the trunk had unusually high residual concentrations of chloroform—as a chemist, I know the prosecution was correct) or find DNA in the car trunk, there is still nothing contradictory. For that matter, since when is there a requirement that DNA ALWAYS be found? The corpse was bundled up in a bag; one would not expect to find any DNA.

    It is a stretch to expect the jury to look larger and realize that she had motive, means, and opportunity and the evidence agreed with a simple scenario. Her behavior after the child disappeared was not only incriminating but also indicated a sociopathic mind.

    The jury’s out from making the hard decision was that not every detail was locked and confirmed (e.g., no bottle of chloroform, no proof that the decaying body in the trunk was the child). What they did not know is that this is not a requirement. The only question is “Is there reasonable doubt?” Looking at the big picture, I say no.

    The prosecution SHOULD have aimed wider or lower and included negligent homicide, or even involuntary manslaughter, as there is absolutely no doubt, barring an unreported kidnapping, that the child died will in her custody. It’s that simple; and she has no defense as there is no indication at any time that the child was kidnapped. She is guilty of allowing her child to die under her watch and her behavior and communications clearly tells us that it was not an accident.

  3. papertiger says:

    On the contrary, one of the biggest problems with the case was that authorities COULDN’T determine if there had actually been a murder.
    So it’s absolute JUSTICE that Casey Anthony be restored to her previous life unpunished, reputation untarnished, an unbiased public with open arms waiting to greet her.

    Oops. Can Casey sue Nancy Grace off the air? I hope I hope I hope.

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