Global Warming Strikes South America Again

One of the driest spots on earth has experienced its heaviest snowfall in almost two decades, according to the Chilean Directorate of Meteorology (DMC).
A cold front brought up to 80 centimetres (31.5 inches) of snow to the Atacama desert region of South America forcing emergency services to close local roads and rescue dozens of motorists from their vehicles.  The temperature in the Chilean capital, Santiago, dropped below minus 8c on Wednesday. Neighbouring Argentina and Uruguay are also experiencing subzero temperatures.

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8 Responses to Global Warming Strikes South America Again

  1. omnologos says:

    Finally a good place for a tea in the desert!

  2. So it’s COLD causes snow? I find all this so confusing. In my youth, it was cold caused snow, then something happened to the climate, and it was warming caused snow (or less snow – strange innit?), and now it’s cold is the culprit again. I need a lie down to get my head around this new erratic climate.

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    And this is from global warming? Got it.

  4. Dave N says:

    AGW causes more snow.. except when it was becoming a thing of the past, but CO2 changed its mind since then

  5. GregW says:

    Cold is consistent with warm, just as the climate scientists predicted.

  6. John Silver says:

    I hope the interferometrics at the VLT are OK.

  7. Green says:

    The rising temperatures of global climate change are melting the world’s ice. Most notable are the shrinking ice sheets of Greenland and west Antarctica, which have shown dramatic loss in recent years. Travel to the glaciers of Greenland and to fossilized coral reefs of the Florida Keys, where earth scientists are studying geologic records of past warming to predict future ice loss and associated sea level rise.
    I would like to share this documentary “Melting Ice Rising Seas”
    watch it in online film festival “Green Unplugged”

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