Martinez, CA To Drown

Global Warming Gets Very, Very Local
It’s estimated that downtown Martinez could be underwater in 100 years.

Today is THURSDAY, July 7, 2011. Did you know that in 100 years, it’s estimated that downtown Martinez will be under water? It was news to me, and not everyone believes it, but that was the scenario laid out by Jeremy Lowe of Environmental Science Associates. He was explaining to City Council members on Wednesday why the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, a state agency that regulates conservation and development along the shorelines, might extend its authority beyond its current boundaries. If the sea level rises, so do BCDC’s boundaries, according to an amendment now being discussed by the agency. It’s one of those convoluted issues that involves local, regional and state authority, and according to local attorney and downtown property owner Al Turnbaugh, it represents a BCDC power grab.

Downtown Martinez is about 240 inches above sea level. Over the last one hundred years, sea level rose there less than four inches. No doubt it will accelerate by 6000% sometime next week.


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8 Responses to Martinez, CA To Drown

  1. omnologos says:

    What about Denver?

  2. Anything is possible says:

  3. I’m sure the local Highway Patrol have budgeted for a motor launch replete with “Blues & Twos”.

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Well…….. it would get rid of some of the stink there.

  5. chris y says:

    Martinez, CA low tide at 1:41 am, 0.32 m
    Martinez, CA high tide prediction at 7:00 am, 1.13 m
    Sea level change = 810 mm
    Time for change = 5hr, 19min = 319 min = 0.000606 years
    Rate of sea level rise = 810 mm / 0.000606 years = 1,336,633 mm/year
    Compare to pre-sapienstrophic sea level rise of 4inches/century = 0.001 meter/year

    That’s a lot more than a 6000% increase…

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