Save The Planet With Nuclear Bombs

The US and Russia blew up hundreds of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere from 1945-1963, marked in blue on the HadCrut graph above.

Global warming is caused by too few nukes.

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6 Responses to Save The Planet With Nuclear Bombs

  1. Latitude says:

    Seems if CO2 was so powerful….
    The increase in temperatures would not have started back at the exact same slope…..only lower
    Temps would have jumped up to a continuation of the 1900 – 1945 slope

    Looks like almost anything can override the all powerful CO2…including China

  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    Between the nuclear option and the coal option, we have many tools at our disposal to counteract evil CO2.

    • Latitude says:

      but Andy, putting umbrellas and mirrors in space is a lot more fun
      so is building funny looking boats, and big air cleaners

  3. Independent says:

    The nuclear freeze movement sure hated Gaia.

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