LIA (Lake Isostatic Adjustment)

In the grand tradition of sea level experts, I added 0.3 feet to the rise rate of Lake Powell. This is justified because the lake gets wider as the elevation increases, so the true elevation doesn’t accurately reflect the increase in volume. The adjustment increases the elevation of the lake by more than two feet.

Does this adjustment sound like bullshit? It sounds that way because it is bullshit – and nearly identical logic to the GIA used by sea level experts.

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5 Responses to LIA (Lake Isostatic Adjustment)

  1. Gator says:

    Does this mean I get to add points to my IQ annually as the levels around me keep dropping?

  2. nigelf says:

    Great Lake Powell comparison Steve, I love it!

  3. higley7 says:

    Now, if the units were in eggshells for volume and the depth in palms, it might make sense.

    I have trouble getting locals to understand that the water going down the river pretty much has to quadruple in flow before it will double in depth. The last inch of water rise during a big flood represents a huge increase in volume.

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