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Sensitivity Training

We all need it, and thankfully South Park provided a free course.

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October, 1864 : Fearful Hurricane In England


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Heavy Early Snow In Oz

http://www.twawki.com/?p=12641 Julia will unveil her carbon tax this week to stop global warming in Australia. The experts at the IPCC told us that winters will be shorter, warmer and will have less snow. h/t to Marc Morano  

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The July 7th Olympic Celebration

On July 7, 2005 London was celebrating having been awarded the 2012 Olympics. The London contingent of the Religion Of Peace joined in the celebration that day too. Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat actually started the joyous tradition in … Continue reading

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Time For Alarmists To Put Up Their Money

Ice extent is the lowest on record. PIOMAS shows the thinnest ice on record. NSIDC says temperatures in the Arctic are above normal due to the dipole anomaly. Can there be any doubt that ice extent will hit a record … Continue reading

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