Does Sacrifice Appease The Sun?

Julia and other greens around the world believe that sacrifices must be made in order to control the climate. This is an age old idea which was used extensively by the Aztecs. It was well known at the time that global warming was ubiquitous and caused by a lack of human blood being spilled.

Politicians now take a more subtle approach to human sacrifice. By raising energy prices, they can freeze people to death silently in their homes, which has the same effect of appeasing the CO2 gods.


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3 Responses to Does Sacrifice Appease The Sun?

  1. It's the Sun, Stupid! says:

    Mmmmm ….

    That particular collage of pictures looks rather like those appearing on slide 106 of this: (If you do download it – and it’s about 175Mb – it will take perhaps a minute to load and run. Have patience!)

    (Except I’ve got the pictures the other way around! Perhaps it’s a matter of ‘great minds think alike’, although the ‘true believers’ in AGW will say ‘fools never differ’!

  2. Latitude says:

    There’s always been big money and power in this….
    …because there’s always been enough people to fall for it

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