Manhattan Still There

Manhattan has survived another day of catastrophic sea level rise. California is expecting 32 feet of rise during the next few decades, and Brisbane is expecting seven metres. The world’s top rated climatologist expects Manhattan to drown sometime between 2008 and 2028.

I expect that at some point natural selection will kick in and weed out the climate morons. There is only so much stupidity which a country’s infrastructure can tolerate.

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17 Responses to Manhattan Still There

  1. A K Haart says:

    “There is only so much stupidity which a country’s infrastructure can tolerate.”

    You should try the UK – we have pretty high levels of stupidity over here and it just keeps rising. In fact it correlates quite well with the rise in CO2…

  2. Tony Duncan says:

    I know most of you reading this already know Steve is lying about Hansen’s prediction (I apologize if there is another leading climatologist that Steve is actually referring to.) But for new readers, this is a short summary of the actual situation.
    It has been shown clearly that Hansen NEVER said anything about Manhattan drowning in 2008 or even anytime before 2028. Also as Steve knows the 2028 date is dependent on a doubling of CO2 by then, which Steve has repeatedly stated is an impossibility.
    Steve is referencing an article in Salon magazine from 2001 that misquotes Hansen, and neglects to mention the CO2 caveat. Bob Reiss wrote a book about climate change and was interviewed for the article to promote his book. The book CLEALRY states 40 years in the future (from 1988) WITH a doubling of CO2, and REISS is the one who asked the question. The article says 20 years and then later says 20-30 years. it was a phone conversation. the book was a researched book, written from notes.
    Steve is continuing to lie about this, even though Anthony at WUWT accepted the obvious truth.
    Steve is using the 2nd hand report , 13 years after the fact, to attribute this to Hansen. Steve is believing a story that has been publicly reputiatated by both Reiss and Hansen. As Reiss WAS promoting his book it is possible he is a liar (one of his quote HAS to be untrue) and made up the 2008 quote in order to use alarmism to sell his book. More likely he just made a mistake. Since the book was published BEFORE the article, Reiss would either have been an idiot to think no one would see the discrepancy or assume no one would bother checking.

    So Steve is taking one quote, that is PROVEN To be wrong, ignoring ALL the documented public statements and writings of Hansen, which also totally contradict the quote, in order to support a meme that is a complete fantasy of Steve’s.

    I wonder if Steve is willing to lie about something as long as natural selection is waiting to weed out climate morons.

    • Right. I hacked the Salon article and forced Hansen to make a prediction based on a CO2 level which he knew wasn’t possible. He wanted to say, “CO2 can’t double by 2028, but I was secretly twisting his arm and made him instead make an implausible prediction, and forced Reiss to hear the wrong date twice over a ten year period.

      You are a certifiable nutjob.

    • Tony Duncan says:

      s you all can see,

      Steve responds with a bizarre attempt at sarcasm that has no bearing on the truth of the matter or the facts I have presented. I have been saying the same thing over again for dozens of posts and Steve cannot admit being wrong, or present any evidence that puts my facts into question.

      Yet I am a certifiable nut job.

      Reiss did not ever hear the wrong date. He heard the date correctly and put it in his notes and wrote a book with the correct quote in it. 13 years LATER he misquoted Hansen. No need for any Hacking. Hansen never had anything to do with the misquote.
      Again I admit it is possible that Reiss was lying just to increase sales of his book. in which case Steve is basing this whole thing on the second hand, retracted testimony of a proven liar.

      • I apologize. Hansen did not predict that Manhattan would drown. That is why he predicted that Manhattan would drown.

        You are a certifiable nutjob.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        You really should try to write SOMETHING that is relevant to this issue. You have never even TRIED to question ANY of the facts I have presented that prove you are lying
        I acknowledge and everyone can confirm, that in an informal interview, not based on any rigorous scientific values, Hansen said the West Side Highway would be underwater by 2020 if there was a doubling of CO2 by then. As long as you stick to what is real I have no problems with you ridiculing his statement. of course as i just pointed out, that was when Hansen thought a doubling of CO2 would cause a 4.2°C increase in temps, and Hansen has publicly admitted he was wrong about that.

        And I also want to make clear that Steve was NOT lying when he first posted about the story. Nor the dozen or more times he KEPT posting about the story before someone actually checked the book for the real quote. I am ONLY showing that he is lying SINCE it became known that Hansen never made the quote. And even people like Anthony Watts acknowledged the truth. I do not believe Steve would lie about something unless he was trapped into a corner about retracting a mistake.

      • Why would Steven Goddard have to say anything when the published words of James Hansen do a perfect job of answering Tony “I Swear I’m Not James” Duncan “Definitely Not Hansen” and his obvious falsehoods? Why would James “I Don’t Use a Sockpuppet Named Tony Duncan” Hansen say something, allow that thing to be published, and then consistently confirm that he said it when it’s obviously a fabrication by all us “denialators”?

      • DEEBEE says:

        Hansen predicted — was wrong — admitted it end of story, Move on. All other stuf is just word smithing. YOu say “informal” I say “infomahll” — potatoe etc. etc. COme back when you have no speculations.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        EXACTLY my point. Why does Steve resort to lying about someone when there is so much that is publicly documented material available.

        And of course you are right. I am sure Hansen has a record of every interview and everyone who has ever quoted him, and when he is misquoted a blinking red light and alarm sounds. Then all he has to do is call Soros and have the magazine shut down.
        But you seem to have some information I was unaware of, You have found what no one else has been able to find Documentation that Hansen “consistently” confirmed the quote. Up to this point the only factual evidence has been the article and the book. Please supply the link to these other sources that have Hansen saying 2008 without doubling of CO2 so that I can apologize to Steve. (not that I don’t just take your word for it).
        With that new information you are about to supply, the fact that no one noticed this until 2009, proves that Hansen conspired with Reiss to embarrass people who would write, what would in the future be called, blogs.

        not sure what your rant about denialators is. Unless you say that Reiss is, in fact, in the denialator camp and made up the quote to undermine Hansen. Pretty stupid of him to put the actual quote in the book, though not surprising.

        Of course the fact that Hansen confirmed saying the quote in the book is to be expected, since Reiss had the notes and wrote the book.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        You are totally out of line. i may disagree with Steve about some things, but this is his blog, and he is free to speculate about whatever he wants. (just when he lies I will point it out). And just where would he go anyway?

    • Dave N says:

      ..and yet there are alarmists like you are prepared to stand behind AR4, absolutely full of lies and half-truths. I suggest you go bother them.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        What have I written that is alarmist?
        Is it alarmist to point out someone lying repeatedly about something as clear as the fact that Hansen never made the statement that Manhattan would be underwater by 2008?

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