You Vote : Mia Cool Moon Or Chris Crocker?

Anyone who makes it through this video deserves a prize.

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5 Responses to You Vote : Mia Cool Moon Or Chris Crocker?

  1. A Lovell says:

    No prize for me then, although what I did manage to watch was more heartfelt and sincere than that other silly b***h!

    I doubt Mia the Moron will get as many hits as Crazy Crocker.

  2. Robert of Ottawa says:

    I get no prize, I gave up after 22 whats-the-word seconds. Poor little Britney, don’t criticise her for making really bad life choices…again and again and ….

  3. DirkH says:

    Gave up at 1:10.

  4. Jim Cole says:

    OK, I lasted until 0:48. Not proud of that.

    But I watched closely because I think I was watching a GUY drama queen. Very wierd, but clearly more guy than girl – wierd, definitely wierd.

    Take away the hair and it’s nuttin’ but Drama Queen

    No comment about lifestyles or choices or anything. But wierd is Wierd

  5. Heh, much to my wife’s chagrin I can actually sit through that whole video. The “can’t find ice with both hands” chick is annoying, though.

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