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IPCC Conclusions Reached Four Years Ahead Of The Report

The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) is now underway. It will consist of three Working Group (WG) Reports and a Synthesis Report, to be completed in 2013/2014: http://www.ipcc.ch/ But they already knew the outcome in 2010 Next climate warming report will … Continue reading

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Thou Shall Not Worship False Scientists

In a previous blog, “Camping Out at the Carnival of Climate Denial,” I discussed how we seem to have come to a strange place as a society on climate change, where scientists have been telling us for over a decade … Continue reading

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Cambridge, Mass Pays An Extra $1,500 For Being Gay

But starting this month, Cambridge will become what is believed to be the first municipality in the country to pay its public employees a stipend in an attempt to defray the cost of the federal tax on health benefits for … Continue reading

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Obama For/Against Tax Hikes

August, 2009  “the last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up – take more demand out of the economy and put business further in a hole.” July, … Continue reading

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If Not Now, When?

Here is what Obama said two years ago : 2/22/2009 On Monday, he’ll outline a deficit of $1.3 trillion, the largest as a share of the nation’s economy since World War II. He’ll blame years of runaway budgets, two costly … Continue reading

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Double Whammy For Australia

Not only do they have disastrous tax, but they have a massive new bureaucracy dedicated to further eliminating Australian jobs. THE ranks of Canberra’s bureaucracy will swell by hundreds thanks to the carbon tax. At least $382 million is to … Continue reading

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Climate Change Is Real

The climate has been getting less extreme for decades. http://lwf.ncdc.noaa.gov/img/climate/research/tornado/tornadotrend.jpg http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/ushurrlist18512009.txt

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