Global Warming Falling Down On The Job

Normally the Gulf Coast gets slammed by lots of tropical storms and hurricanes which have the ability to end a drought in about 12 hours. Global warming was supposed to produce more and stronger tropical storms, but instead all that trapped heat got used up making record cold and snow.

It takes a lot of heat to make record snow and cold, and there just isn’t enough heat left over to make a decent tropical storm. However, this is all due to aerosols from the Won Ton factory in Shanghai.

(Was that stupid enough or poorly researched enough to get published by Time Magazine?)

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8 Responses to Global Warming Falling Down On The Job

  1. Andy WeissDC says:

    You are leaps and bounds ahead of Time Magazene.

  2. Al Gored says:

    You could be describing the tipping point, and we have already seem the signs! When so much heat is absorbed to create cold the rate of Global Warming flattens, then could even drop!

    And it looks like it is already impacting the Sun.

    To save the planet we must all buy as much Chinese stuff as possible. Or from India.

  3. Dave N says:

    Pulitzer Prize winning

  4. Latitude says:

    I submitted it to Scientific American…………

    • mohatdebos says:

      Unlike most deserts, the Atacama Desert has a mild desert climate. We use to have an auto assembly plant on the edge of the desert in Arica. With the windows open (and they were always open), the temperature inside the plant was very comfortable.

  5. Independent says:

    You read at least one thing and it wasn’t wildly beyond your comprehension, so just from that it’s a considerable improvement on excrement like Stengel’s Constitution article.

  6. DEEBEE says:

    NAH, Steven. You did not end it with the perfunctory Global Waming Huzzah

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