Save The Whales – Melt The Ice

Craig George, a scientist based in Barrow, has correlated records going back into the last century, and believes the whales do better in warmer years with less ice, perhaps because they can stay longer in the northern feeding grounds.

And the Inupiat say the feeding season is now a couple of weeks longer than it used to be.

Whether the whales will continue to get fatter as the ice melts further, or whether the trend will reverse, is another matter.

Scientists can see the future! You just need more faith.

Science News : March 1, 1975
The Ice Age Cometh


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8 Responses to Save The Whales – Melt The Ice

  1. gator69 says:

    From the article…

    “Yet more ask whether the communities in question really need the meat, in the 21st Century as we are, especially if they live in nations that are either rich, such as the US, or shortly to be so, in the case of Greenland.”

    I guess these guys have never priced a gallon of milk in the arcrtic circle.

    • I thought they had huge herds of cattle in greenland

      • Oh, come now, what good would cattle do them anyway? Every 8 year old knows that you get meat from the grocery store.

        and that very same 8 year old can also tell you that all whales are 100% endangered by the melting ice. Without the rich source of polar ice, they’ll have to drink warm martinis! WARM! MARTINIS!

  2. I mean, let’s be serious for a minute: I watched a movie about whales from space threatening to blow up San Francisco if a few plucky fellows didn’t spontaneously invent time travel and fetch them some relatives post haste. I mean, it’s not like space whales can just flop around on the beach, masturbating into the sand. These are real problems.

  3. Al Gored says:

    There is actually something to this because the early Inuit, who were whale hunters, expanded eastward across the Arctic in a warm period.

    See: McGhee, R. 2001. Ancient people of the Arctic. Canadian Museum of Civilization/UBC Press.

    Which includes this background from Chapter 6, ‘When the Climate Changes’

    “The last Ice Age came to an end about 11,000 years ago. The climate of the Arctic suddenly warmed, soon reaching mean annual temperatures a few degrees warmer than today. The ice sheets… began to thaw and retreat, and the sea invaded channels freed from melting ice… The tree line advanced well to the north of its present position, and in more northerly regions the warm summers probably produced a relatively luxuriant tundra vegetation.”


    It goes on to explain that then it “rapidly cooled” about 2000 B.C., rapidly warmed again to the Mediaeval Warm Period peak (1000 AD), then cooled (Little Ice Age), then warmed again.

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Bucky Fuller to our rescue:

  5. gofer says:

    The GE “Reveal” bulb, best incandy ever. is made in Canada and I understand Canada, along with NZ has repealed the ban. Maybe bulbs will become like Canadian pharmacies.

    Why do these idiots not understand that the vast majority of bulbs are used at night…shock…and there is a surplus in the grid at night, so there is NO reason for a ban from that standpoint. It’s really a waste because they have gone to the trouble of producing all that electricity and it just goes unused. People also fail to note that once the juice reaches the outlet, the CO2 has already been produced. I love these nutters who say to unplug chargers, etc. and it will save x amount of CO2….too late. It’s a bit like having a bushel of apples and you won’t eat them because they were shipped long distances.

    The other one that gets me, is people not flying, but driving instead….hey do they think the flights are cancelled if they’re not aboard? It’s a “look at me, I’m better than you” attitude.

  6. gofer says:

    OOps, post should have been under “Ministry of Truth.”

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