Inside The Perverted Intellect Of The True Believer

If you put a block of ice inside a dry pot, and put it on a stove with the lid on – the ice will melt and the level of the water will steadily increase. It will not go down for a few minutes and then come back up later. This is basic physics. As the number of molecules of liquid water steadily increases, the level of the water has to steadily increase too. There is no physical mechanism which will allow the level of the water to temporarily decline – even for one second.

If the ice caps are steadily melting, then sea level has to go up every year. Sea level can not be going down, and the ice be melting at a record rate, and ocean heat content be increasing. It is physically impossible, and if you start arguing that it can happen because of statistics – it is because you are spectacularly incompetent to discuss the subject.


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17 Responses to Inside The Perverted Intellect Of The True Believer

  1. I’ve posted on this subject myself recently – there’s supposed to be an increase in the “equatorial bulge” due to melting. Tide-gauges should record the effect, but they don’t seem to. In fact the gauges for Hawaii show a decrease since 2003. Other near-equator gauges don’t show a decrease so clearly, if at all, but show a lower than global average rate of rise. Gauges in higher latitudes vary a lot in rate, but tend to show higher rates. This is the exact opposite to what is hypothesised in this National Geographic article:

    As I said “Of course, there may be local factors I’m not aware of, but you can’t ignore tide gauge data, and doing so lays a fine theory open to question”. One would have expected to see some actual evidence for an increasing rise, not just a model based on GRACE satellite data (which is difficult to interpret, to say the least).

    • Latitude says:

      You have to be real careful with Caribbean gauges.
      Key West is one of the oldest, but Key West is moving north west faster than sea level is rising.

    • suyts says:

      lol, that’s the funniest article I’ve read for a while…….it exemplifies the Orwellian Newspeak style of climatastrophes.

      “The extra Ice Age weight even squished Earth’s malleable mantle outward, further enlarging the planet’s bulge.” ……..”Once the Ice Age ice melted, though, the Poles began to slowly spring back, and they’ve been doing so ever since.” …… So, the cause for the bulge in the center, was the ice age. Its been shrinking ever since, according to the article.

      But!!!, ……….
      “But now “there’s something else going on that offsets [the bulge’s shrinkage],” said Wahr, a geophysicist at the University of Colorado.”….”the post-Ice Age rebound began to slow and now appears to have stopped, according to the new study…”….“The culprit? “It looks like that is Greenland and Antarctica losing mass,” Wahr said.

      So, the ice age caused the bulge, the hotting of the world is maintaining it. Beautiful logic.

      Thank goodness we have Grace to confirm this stuff, else, some of us would be skeptical of the conclusions.

      • Al Gored says:

        Well, now when I get my usual post-Christmas bulge over the belt, I have a perfect explanation.

        And looking further south, why didn’t Anthony Weiner explain he was doing research for the University of Colorado?

  2. A K Haart says:

    Good point. Maybe the climate isn’t driven by statistics and carefully selected tree rings after all.

  3. Dizzy Ringo says:

    Is there a difference between wet ice and dry ice? Just that, as I understood physics, water expands when frozen.(This explains the large number of burst pipes in a cold winter.) Which is why I can stuff ice cubes into my G & T and as they melt, provided I haven’t swigged it, the level in my glass will go down.

  4. dmmcmah says:

    More proof global warming is a religion.

  5. Surgoshan says:

    Your analogy is imperfect. The northern ice cap isn’t ice on a table, it’s ice in a glass. Put ice in a glass and wait for it to melt. The water level will go down, because ice has more volume than water. Science.

    So we have two forces in conflict. The northern ice cap, free floating, causes water levels to go down as it melts. The southern ice cap, resting on a continental land mass, causes water levels to go up as it melts. Oh, darn, it turns out the world is complicated.

  6. Al Gored says:

    Missing heat and missing water. Definitely something seriously wrong with the planet.

    Maybe the Evil Capitalists stole them?

  7. Lance says:

    …as a flat-earther, i know where this water has gone….

    ah vacation in 2 days…gonna go sailing …to the edge and have a look over to see how much is accumulating off the edge… will report back in 2 weeks.

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