CO2 Makes US Precipitation Higher And Lower And Exactly The Same

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5 Responses to CO2 Makes US Precipitation Higher And Lower And Exactly The Same

  1. Andy WeissDC says:

    No correlation between CO2 and total precipitation. The difference is that in a low CO2, you have perfectly even rainfall , while with high CO2 you have global weirding with droughts and floods, but nothing in between.

  2. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    You need to amend your title, CO2 also makes US precipitation average as well. We have said this all along.

  3. Brad B says:

    What does the chart look like if you use ALL the data – ie, annual instead of year-to-date?
    I get 0.18 inches/decade increase in precip, and 0.12degF/decade for temp.
    You seemed to have picked the two seasons with the smallest trend in precipitation…

    So the data show increasing trends for both temp and precipitation for the contiguous US, not lower, and not flat, right?

    Whether it is due to CO2 is more debatable, but first it would be nice for all of us to be able to look a the same data and get the same answer for slope.

    • Do you know the numbers for the rest of 2011?

      • Brad B says:

        Try the “most recent 12 month period” (Jul-Jun) option. You get the same trends (0.18 in/dec and 0.12 degF/dec).

        When you choose annual, it doesn’t seem to use 2011 data – it looks like the last datapoint is 2010. Using the most recent 12 month period, it does look like it has a 2011 data point.

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