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“unprecedented drought plaguing most of the nation”

The storms keep coming and scorching temperatures are still rising leaving most Americans scratching their heads questioning whether or not all the talk about global warming just might be true. There are more Americans today that believe global warming exists … Continue reading


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Extreme Drought In Texas

Extreme drought occurs in Texas during more than 25% of years. Below are all the years since 1900 which experienced Palmer Drought Index extreme drought for at least one month during the year. 1910, 1911, 1917, 1918, 1925, 1934, 1935, … Continue reading

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1607 : Bristol Channel Flood

On 30 January 1607 the Bristol Channel floods resulted in the drowning of an estimated 2,000 or more people, with houses and villages swept away, an estimated 200 square miles (518 km2) of farmland inundated and livestock destroyed,wrecking the local economy … Continue reading

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Shellfish At 3,000 ppm CO2

Shellfish thrived during the Devonian at 3,000 ppm CO2. Their Aragonite shells did not dissolve. Unless the properties of Aragonite have magically changed, it seems safe to assume that modern Aragonite shells will probably not dissolve at 500 ppm. Even … Continue reading

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The 20 Deadliest Tornadoes In US History

http://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/killers.html Nineteen of the twenty deadliest tornadoes occurred before 1960. This in spite of the fact that population density was much lower, and that they didn’t have superstores like Home Depot and Wal Mart with hundreds of people in one … Continue reading

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Wild Coincidence

Isn’t it amazing that all of the world’s active coral atolls are just above sea level, even though sea level has risen over 100 metres in the last 20,000 years. Those coral reefs must have been very thirsty – sitting … Continue reading

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Bad Weather Page

A reminder to send this link to everyone and everywhere : https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/bad-weather/ I have been accumulating hundreds of historical news articles which show that extreme weather was worse when CO2 was lower. The global warming story has gone flat, so … Continue reading

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1900 : Extremely Extreme Global Weirding

The deadliest hurricane in US history, the worst drought in Australia’s history, forest fires across the US …. Proof that too little CO2 is extremely dangerous. We must never let CO2 get that low again. This is why alarmists have … Continue reading

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1977 : Extreme Drought Across The Northwest And Upper Midwest

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1965 : Extreme Drought In New England

President Johnson said that Texas droughts are “depressingly familiar.” http://news.google.com/newspapers

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