1607 : Bristol Channel Flood

On 30 January 1607 the Bristol Channel floods resulted in the drowning of an estimated 2,000 or more people, with houses and villages swept away, an estimated 200 square miles (518 km2) of farmland inundated and livestock destroyed,wrecking the local economy along the coasts of the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary, in what was then the Kingdom of England.

The devastation was particularly severe on the Welsh side, extending from Laugharne in Carmarthenshire to above Chepstow in Monmouthshire. Cardiff was the most badly affected town.[2] The coasts of Devon and the Somerset Levels as far inland as Glastonbury Tor, 14 miles (23 km) from the coast, were also affected. The sea wall at Burnham-on-Sea gave way,[3] and the water flowed over the low lying levels and moors. Thirty villages in Somerset were affected, including Brean which was “swallowed up” and where seven out the nine houses were destroyed with 26 of the inhabitants dying. For ten days the Church of All Saints at Kingston Seymour, near Weston-super-Mare, was filled with water to a depth of 5 feet (1.5 m). A chiselled mark remains showing that the maximum height of the water was 8 metres above sea level.


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2 Responses to 1607 : Bristol Channel Flood

  1. Edward says:

    A tidal wave is possible today, if certain volcanic mountain sides [in Canaries?] of islands slip into the sea, the damage would be rather more severe if it occurred today. Perhaps, even a massive slump mudslide on the seaward edge of the north American shelf, maybe?
    We would however receive a timely warning though.

    Possible but unlikely.

  2. Blade says:

    Well let’s compare to today using rough numbers. World population in 1600 was approx 550 million. In 2010 we had 6.9 billion. Inflation ratio is 1:12.545

    So for human population extrapolation, the drowning of 2000 people in 1607 (2000 * 12.545) would be equivalent to approx 25,090 currently (ignoring English local pop density not available on that particular page).

    If such a catastrophe happened today, the AGW cultists (like ambulance chasing lawyers) would be tripping all over themselves to write blog entries about CAGW attributed deaths.

    My guess is that Joe Romm would be first to jump this shark.

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