1900 : Extremely Extreme Global Weirding

The deadliest hurricane in US history, the worst drought in Australia’s history, forest fires across the US ….

Proof that too little CO2 is extremely dangerous. We must never let CO2 get that low again.

This is why alarmists have determined that history began in 1978.











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4 Responses to 1900 : Extremely Extreme Global Weirding

  1. Scott says:

    I thought they wanted it to start in 1975? You know, “modern global warming”. When temps started going up, and conveniently 1 year after the high hurricane number from 1974.

    Do you think they’ll want history to end in 1998 or 2010 too? Or maybe end in 1998 with the existence of the tornadoes from 2011 still intact?


  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    Our Government has told us that there were no weather events prior to 1950, so all these newspaper clipping must be fakes, concocted in a right wing think tank run by Big Oil.

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